Jack Dempsey
MFK Member
Apr 17, 2011
MoBay, Jamaica
Ok, to clarify: Is low-iron clearer than acrylic at 1/2 ~ 1" thicknesses?
(glass @1/2", Acrylic @1")

The low-iron glass that I've seen is the windows in our '50's house, and they're weirdly clear, like "Need to get more bandaids for my forehead" clear. So, we're mid-way-through the in-wall build and I'm back to weighing options.
(D= 96" x 36" x 16.5~18", depending variables including front panel thickness)

Importing "Crystaline" low-iron is prohibitively costly and getting it up the rough country road may be... fraught, even if/when pre-set into an angle-iron frame (thanks to FishDance for tolerating my questions). My option #2 is acrylic, which would likely come to a similar price (as tempered low-iron) but a whole lot easier to bring up the hill & install, maybe cheaper to ship if the shipper complains about weight.

Temperature/insulation is also a consideration as our electricity isn't totally reliable and winter nights can drop into chilly.

But the main thing is clarity: If they're the same, then Acrylic. If low-iron is even marginally better, then glass.

( tint drives me nuts)