Hikari foods for the community tank


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Nov 20, 2005
I made another thread in the general aquarium forum, but I'm going to post the results of my Hikari order here.

I've ordered many different types of food to feed my community tank (algae eaters, Cory's, angelfish, dwarf cichlids and tetras)

I'm very excited to try it out, as my fish have become addicted to blood worms (my fault) and I'm feeding them granules and flakes from another company until I get my Hikari, but they don't eat it with the same eagerness as they did before I introduced blood worms.

I've bought different variety of foods just for certain fish.

One for tetras
One for my dwarf cichlids, who eats at the lower portion of the tank, this food sinks
One for angels that floats
One for Cory's.
And one for algae eating fish.

Will post photos of the food, with name and I'll tell you what my fishes think of it and if it contributes to cloudy up the water.

I think they just started to sell Hikari to a supplier that provides to Norway, so I'm anxious to try this for the first time.

If they are good to use, I'm considering using this as the main diet of my fish, and the price is not bad at all.

Food will arrive on Friday, will update with photos and maybe even a video of feeding, if I figure out how to post.

If someone from Hikari could recommend something special for these fish, please do, but please notice my angelfish are still very young and can't eat large pellets at the moment.

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