HITH - Revisited


Feeder Fish
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Nov 26, 2018
Somewhere in New York
I just join MFK today as I have 2 Oscars and a Goby, all in their own tanks, of course! One Oscar is medium sized, which has 'wasted away," so I thought it may have had intestinal parasites but now am thinking it may be dropsy as its belly is really bloated even after treating it with PraziPro. The second Oscar is a large, 12 year old, who came to me 2 weeks ago and I am not sure if it has HITH or HLLE. I have just come across the NLS pellets, which I have ordered today but they are 2mm sinking pellets and my fish are used to floating sticks / pellets. If I switch to sinking pellets, I'm afraid that my fish won't get them into their system as I don't recall ever seeing the forage the bottom for food.

I'm afraid of losing the medium Oscar because from what I have read, when it gets to this point, organs are damaged and it's a slow death! The big Oscar, ugh, I'm upset with the person I bought her from for admittedly not keeping up on her water changes over the last few months from the time I paid for it, till the time I picked it up...

I have no clue what to do for either of them!