Jack Dempsey
MFK Member
Mar 31, 2005
Vancouver, Canada
Welcome to Exotic Aquaria! This has been long overdue but I am officially a sponsor on MFK! I have known many of you for many many years and would like to get to know/deal with everyone on this website. As you all know, my passion is exotic fish. From Asian arowanas, to high end stingrays, widebar dats etc. I'm hoping I can provide excellent stock at at affordale price so we can all enjoy this great hobby!

My mission statement is simple. Its to provide the consumer with premium grade exotic tropical fish at an affordable price! I specialize in high grade captive bred freshwater stingrays from excellent brood stocks. I have personally traveled to Asia & USA and have met my suppliers as well as their facilities. My stock ranges from high quality black stingrays (black diamond - F1 & F2, leopoldi variants, common p13s), high grade marble motoros and hybrid stingrays.

I can also source other types of rare fish including widebar datnoids, tigrinus catfish, jumbo clown loaches, indo pacific tarpons etc.

Currently, shipping is available throughout Canada via Westjet Cargo (airport to airport) or by Harbor Air to Vancouver Island.

If you have something specific in mind, I can do my best to source out what you are looking for. Send me an email at for any questions or inquiries!

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Thank you all for your support!!