Is he she?


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Is he really she? I have been observing that my kamfa fry is rearranging gravel between two tiny clay pots, aggressive with full black in color, having vertical stripes and kind of into something, OR Nesting!!! I have seen female does that most of the time, hence my question is that is she girl? Please see photo, sorry zoomed in to make sure I don't bother him/her..IMG_20200728_125408.jpgIMG_20200728_125004.jpg


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Jan 26, 2020
Canton SD
The behavior you are observing does not mean its a female. It could be a male rearranging his territory. Time will tell if its a female by venting or waiting to see if "it" lays eggs.
Yeah I'd agree, both males and females with rearrange their tank to their liking. Also beings that this lil FH is so small I don't it has anything to do with breeding at all. It's best to just wait till it's 4in long and then vent it to be safe once that size. Any smaller and it may not be mature enough to properly sex.


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Sep 16, 2013
those stripes looks more likely that he/she is still stressed or still getting used to the surroundings
im guessing that u just bought this fry? females will tend to lay eggs when they reach around 4inches+ or more
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Sorry friends, I missed your replies. Yes, he was observing his new surroundings, as I had to let go other parrot fish to make more room for him, during those pics, he was stressed being in little amount of water!

He looks he to me now, well, I asked this question because once I had a GT fry and even though all his character were more to male, she id'ed as female in later stage. We (at least I) often mistake ID fish with their fins and body shape even though knowing that only confirmed thing is venting them.

Anyway, here is how he looks solo in the tank as of yesterday...


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