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Dec 31, 2009
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For now, they are very active on Facebook. Scuttlebutt has it that they bought into FB. Fish forums can disappear overnight for violations. No buying, selling, or rehoming fish (unless it is a fish rescue forum), no fish out of water pictures, no handling fish, no pictures of hands near fish, even if the hands are on the outside of the tank, no talk of eating fish or your forum could be shut down without a warning. One forum I participate in has a lot of checks - an adminstrator has to approve each new thread; there are moderation alerts for potential rules violation.

I saw this pic yesterday on a forum and wanted to share it on a pacu forum, but it violates the rules of no fish out of water/no handling fish. It was posted on a fish rescue site, so maybe that's how it got through there.

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Why are you hiding your pretty face behind that unfathomably big ugly fish, Pacu Mom? Or, let me guess, given the times we are living now, you are using the pacu in place of face mask as to not breath, cough, and sneeze on people, aren't you? Is this how you go to supermarkets now? Pretty clever ... and gracefully advertises monster-fish-keeping too at the same time. Great job!

Seriously though, that could be the biggest pacu I've ever seen, unless the girl is like 4 feet tall.

As for the Facebook rules on their fish forums - wow, I am floored. I had no idea it has gotten that bad and at the same time why do I have a feeling this is just a beginning? It's like living your life in a Petri dish under a microscope. What in the world!!!??? It's a bizzarro world, a twilight, reminiscent of a prison or a concentration camp. And our Facebooking peers eat it all up and are not leaving???

Are the Instagram, Twitter, whatever else big social media the same? I am not much on FB or anything else, so I've just found out I am clueless here.