June 2013 TOTM Winner:

Fat Homer

Mmmmm... Doughnuts
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Mar 16, 2009
Wow, lots of messages it seems i missed... so sorry about the late reply...

Also, i guess i should also let you all know its actually changed quite a lot since those days, i've ripped out all the tall grass and re-planted the HC, also changed up the way the wood was setup and added a few more rocks...

Looks great, nice work :headbang2
Thanks, appreciate it...

dayum that looks like a garden!
Thanks, thats what i was aiming for when i designed this tank originally...

That's one nice tank alright.

Find coffee bean for your taste.
Thanks, appreciate it...

Simple and clean :thumbsup:
Yeah, took a while to get the HC going, but once it got going it was actually not to bad...

new definition of going green. i dig it.
Hahahahaha, yeah not sure how "green" it is in terms of electricity since i have to run a chiller on it...

What are the redish plants in the back ?
Sorry, but i honestly don't know the name of it in English, and to make matters worst, forgot the Chinese name as well, since i've been trying to find more of this plant...

Gorgeous tank, nature is beautiful. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, but as mentioned, its actually gone through quite the changing over time... so maybe one day when the HC fills out the bottom i will update the original thread if was in, or maybe enter another TOTM contest to try my luck..