L-134 Feeding


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Jun 22, 2009
P. compta is an omnivore with a preference for meaty foods, Those are smallish fish so they need smallish foods or those that get soft easily. I would suggest Repashy gel foods, small frozen foods such as daphnia or small brine shrimp. The can eat smaller foods like cyclops or BBS also. They might take some of the SF Bay mini blood worms but I would be careful as smaller fish can choke on worms to big for them to eat.

Repashy makes a veggie food as well as a few meaty ones. I tend to make my own mixes combining about 80% of a meaty mix and 20% of the veggie mix. This insures the fish get their veggies with ease. I never fed my comptas veggies, only the Repashy combos. I do the same for the various Hypancistrus I breed as well. One advantage to using Repashy is that the smallest free swimming fry and the largest adult can both eat from the same piece.

Finally, I am not a fan of trying to breed plecos using a diet heavy in commercial foods. However, U still have a mix of the kensfish.com mini-sticks I used for my plecos and corys. I try to limit this to 10-15% of their diet. It is nowhere near as healthful as the foods mentioned above, but it is fast and easy for me to hit my 20 odd tanks with sticks and flakes whereas a Repashy feeding will take me 30 - 49 minutes the way I do it. What I can tell you is our choice of what we feed our fish is one of the most important decisions we make. This is especially true if one wants to encourage their fish to spawn.

Here is a link to Alan Repashy's site. I use The Igapo Explorer (my clown loaches shred this stuff), Bottom Scratcher. Spawn & Grow and Soilent Green.

Last comment re feeding. The best choice is usually live, both meat and veggie (fresh), next would be the frozen versions of live foods, then Repashy and then the rest. Of course this is just my opinion as always and others may have great success doing things differently.
Thank you for the information! Very appreciated and I’ll try some of your methods soon!