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    Managuense Illegal in utah?!?!

    Discussion in 'Central and South American Cichlids' started by Wesley M, Mar 6, 2013.

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    1. Wesley M

      Wesley M MFK Members

      Real Name:
      Wesley Mertz
      Feb 22, 2013
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      St. George, Utah USA
      Last Seen:
      Aug 28, 2014
      I was perusing the Utah fish and game to read up on the laws and restrictions on fish that can be kept in an aquarium. i found this...

      (1) All species of fish listed in Subsections (2) through (30) are classified as prohibited for collection, importation and possession, except:
      (a) Koi,(Cyprinus carpio) family Cyprinidae is prohibited for collection, and noncontrolled for importation and possession;
      (b) all species and subspecies of ornamental aquatic animal species not listed in Subsections (2) through (30) are classified as prohibited for collection, and noncontrolled for importation and possession; and
      (c) all native and nonnative species and subspecies of fish that are not ornamental aquatic animal species and not listed in Subsections (2) through (30) are classified as prohibited for collection, and controlled for importation and possession.
      (2) Carp, including hybrids, family Cyprinidae (All species, except Koi).
      (3) Catfish:
      (a) Blue catfish, (ictalurus furcatus) family Ictaluridae
      (b) Flathead catfish,(Pylodictus olivaris) family Ictaluridae;
      (c) Giant walking catfish (airsac), family Heteropneustidae (All species);
      (d) Labyrinth catfish (walking), family Clariidae (All species); and
      (e) Parasitic catfish (candiru, carnero) family Trichomycteridae (All species).
      (4) Herring:
      (a) Alewife, (Alosa pseudoharengus) family Clupeidae; and
      (b) Gizzard shad, (Dorosoma cepedianum) family Clupeidae.
      (5) Killifish, family Fundulidae(All species).
      (6) Pike killifish, (Belonesox belizanus) family Poeciliidae.
      (7) Minnows:
      (a) Bonytail, (Gila elegans) family Cyprinidae;
      (b) Colorado pikeminnow, (Ptychocheilus lucius) family Cyprinidae;
      (c) Creek chub, (Semotilus atromaculatus) family Cyprinidae;
      (d) Emerald shiner, (Notropis athernoides) family Cyprinidae;
      (e) Humpback chub, (Gila cypha) family Cyprinidae;
      (f) Least chub,(Iotichthys phlegethontis) family Cyprinidae;
      (g) Northern leatherside chub, (Lepidomeda copei) family Cyprinidae;
      (h) Red shiner,(Cyprinella lutrensis) family Cyprinidae;
      (i) Redside shiner,(Richardsonius balteatus) family Cyprinidae;
      (j) Roundtail chub, (Gila robusta) family Cyprinidae;
      (k) Sand shiner,(Notropis stramineus) family Cyprinidae;
      (l) Southern leatherside chub, (Lepidomeda aliciae) family Cyprinidae;
      (m) Utah chub, (Gila atraria) family Cyprinidae;
      (n) Virgin River chub, (Gila seminuda) family Cyprinidae; and
      (o) Virgin spinedace, Cyprinidae Family (Lepidomeda mollispinis).
      (p) Woundfin,(Plagopterus argentissimus) family Cyprinidae.
      (8) Burbot, (Lota lota) family Lotidae.
      (9) Suckers:
      (a) Bluehead sucker,(Catostomus discobolus) family Catostomidae;
      (b) Desert sucker, (Catostomus clarki) family Catostomidae;
      (c) Flannelmouth sucker,(Catostomus latipinnis) family Catostomidae;
      (d) June sucker,(Chasmistes liorus) family Catostomidae;
      (e) Razorback sucker,(Xyrauchen texanus) family Catostomidae;
      (f) Utah sucker, (Catostomus ardens) family Catostomidae; and
      (g) White sucker,(Catostomus commersoni) family Catostomidae.
      (10) White perch,(Morone americana) family Moronidae.
      (11) Cutthroat trout, (Oncorhynchus clarki) (All subspecies) family Salmonidae.
      (12) Bowfin, (All species) family Amiidae.
      (13) Bull shark,(Carcharhinus leucas) family Carcharhinidae.
      (14) Drum (All freshwater species), family Sciaenidae.
      (15) Gar, (All species) family Lepidsosteidae
      (16) Jaguar guapote,(Cichlasoma managuense) family Cichlidae.
      (17) Lamprey, (All species) family Petromyzontidae.
      (18) Mexican tetra,(Astyanax mexicanus, except blind form) family Characidae.
      (19) Mooneye, (All species) family Hiodontidae.
      (20) Nile perch,(Lates, luciolates) (All species) family Centropomidae.
      (21) Northern pike,(Esox lucius) family Esocidae.
      (22) Piranha, (Serrasalmus, All species) family Characidae.
      (23) Round goby,(Neogobius melanostomus) family Gobiidae.
      (24) Ruffe, (Gymnocephalus cernuus) family Percidae.
      (25) Snakehead,(All species) family Channidae.
      (26) Stickleback, (All species) family Gasterosteidae.
      (27) Stingray (All freshwater species) family Dasyatidae.
      (28) Swamp eel,(All species) family Synbranchidae.
      (29) Tiger fish or guavinus, (Hoplias malabaricus) family Erythrinidae.
      (30) Tilapia, (Tilapia and Sarotherodon) (All species) family Cichlidae.

      I am super bummed because I have wanted to get a Jag for several years now but haven't had the tank to properly house it. Now that I bought a bigger tank I was all vamped up and ready to get one when I found this. I'm trying to find a way around it. Isn't the scientific name of the species in fact Parachromis managuense instead of Cichlasoma managuense? Could this possibly be a way around it if I were to get caught owning one? It also surprised me to see that the Jaguar is on the list but the Dovii isn't!
    2. xxUnRaTeDxxRkOxx

      xxUnRaTeDxxRkOxx MFK Members

      Real Name:
      Mike R.
      Jul 10, 2011
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      Denver, CO.
      Last Seen:
      Friday at 7:47 PM
      Man major bummer, Utah has outlawed pretty much everything!!! Glad I live in Colorado where here we only outlaw the following

      a. Alewife.
      b. Bass, Butterfly peacock of the genus Cichla, including, but not limited to, Cichla
      c. Bitterling.
      d. Bowfins: Amiidae.
      e. Burbot (Ling, Freshwater cusk).
      f. Carp of the following genera: Aristichthys (including but not limited to bighead carp);
      Catla (including but not limited to catla); Catlocarpio (including but not limited to giant
      barb); Carrassius; Cirrhinus (including but not limited to mrigal); Cyprinus;
      Hypophthalmichthys (including but not limited to silver carp and largescale silver
      carp); Labeo (including but not limited to rohu; Mylopharyngodon (including but not
      limited to black carp); and Tor (including but not limited to mahseers). However,
      grass carp and common carp, including koi and goldfish may be possessed as
      otherwise provided for in these regulations.
      g. Catfish, Walking.
      h. Eel, Asian Swamp.
      i. Gars: Lepisosteidae.
      j. Gobies: Gobiidae.
      k. Ide.
      l. Loaches of the genus Misgurnus, including, but not limited to, Oriental weatherfish,
      Chinese fine-scaled loach, and the Eurasian weatherfish.
      m. Perch, African of the genus Lates, including, but not limited to, Nile perch.
      n. Perch, White
      o. Pickerel, Chain.
      p. Piranha: Including members of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus.
      q. Rudd.
      r. Ruffe, Eurasian.
      s. Snakeheads or murrels: Members of the genera Channa, Parachanna and
      t. Sticklebacks: Members of the genera Apeltes, Aulorhynchus, Gasterosteus and
      u. Tilapia: All species. However, blue tilapia, Mozambique tilapia, Nile tilapia, and
      their hybrids may be imported and possessed for fish culture and educational
      purposes, provided the fish and their progeny are held in facilities screened or
      otherwise designed to prevent their escape and are not otherwise released into
      waters of the state. Screen mesh size shall be no larger than 1/4" diameter. For the
      purposes of this regulation, “fish culture” means the raising of fish for sale as food or
      for export, by a licensed aquaculturist, and “educational purposes” means the raising
      of fish by educational facilities or for public display in public aquaria, zoos, or other
      similar facilities.
      v. Trahira.
      w. Zander.
    3. love The Jack Dempseys

      Real Name:
      Dec 15, 2010
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      Last Seen:
      Dec 13, 2016

      WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! You cant keep peacock bass?!?!?!? That blows!!!!
    4. Chizzle

      Chizzle MFK Members

      Real Name:
      Jan 30, 2011
      Likes Received:
      Trophy Points:
      Viva Las Vegas
      Last Seen:
      Yesterday at 7:02 PM
      Nothing banning Parachromis dovii, id get one of those instead

      Sent from my SGH-T999 using MonsterAquariaNetwork App
    5. DIDYSIS

      DIDYSIS Mantilla Stingray

      Real Name:
      Feb 9, 2012
      Likes Received:
      Trophy Points:
      West Jordan Utah
      Last Seen:
      Yesterday at 8:45 PM
      I was at the store and they had florida Gar there the other day, I have a tank full of rays but yes different family name(but freshwater), I have had jags, had bass, Move north where its cold and where we have all the cool fish:headbang2, its not a worry to have a Jag. well other then the car as they are known to fall appart. Some of the new ones are sweet though.

      Some reading for fun, wish I knew where I could go get these for free here in Utah funny how they list they are in Utah but only list places that they have been found in Flordia.

    6. Wesley M

      Wesley M MFK Members

      Real Name:
      Wesley Mertz
      Feb 22, 2013
      Likes Received:
      Trophy Points:
      St. George, Utah USA
      Last Seen:
      Aug 28, 2014
      I'm in st. George though haha if you've ever been down here we are pretty challenged in the fish area. Well almost all areas for that matter haha there is only one good LFS, sues pet castle. Petco and petsmart suck.

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    7. jimmie d wad

      jimmie d wad MFK Members

      Real Name:
      Jan 20, 2011
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      Trophy Points:
      south of heaven
      Last Seen:
      Yesterday at 12:04 PM
      i dont think there are any banned fish in north dakota. you cant even have bull sharks. dont they know thay wont live in the great salt lake?
    8. snake8myelbo

      snake8myelbo MFK Members

      Real Name:
      Nov 24, 2008
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      Last Seen:
      May 1, 2015
      I've seen them at petsmart in layton lol

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