MFK Lungfish Legion - Herald Thyne Lungfish!!!


Fire Eel
MFK Member
Apr 25, 2009
I'm curious to see how many people on MFK own lungfish, so please post how many lungfish you own and what species they are. This list includes all of the African lungfish, the Australian lungfish, and the South American lungfish.

Let's try to keep this restricted to just posts that say how many lungfish you own and what species they are in order to keep this from being moved to the Media Lounge.

I'm hoping that this thread might help to make the Lungfish Sub-Forum more lively, but I guess only time will tell.

If we're lucky, one of the mods might make this a sticky like the MFK GARMY - Report Thyne Gar thread (which also happens to be where I got this idea :grinno:).

Lungfish Legion Headcount:

X-Tank: 7
pola: 5
Hao: 4
E_americanus: 3
Wiggles92: 3
Oddball: 2
willys-1: 2
Nico primitive fishs: 2
Snookn21: 2
tothemaxx: 2
escolito: 2
chrisngo: 1
pythonloose: 1
sbuse: 1
kevinfleming21: 1
Egon: 1
blitherskite777: 1
angryinsect: 1
ajrhodes: 1
CizziB: 1
headbanger_jib: 1
Madding: 1
Bamboo_Turtles: 1
andyjs: 1
chefjamesscott: 1
bichir84: 1
fishloaf666: 1
felixxx: 1
DarkAngelSeethe: 1
fenrisswolf: 1
Bubutmd: 1
CuTTy: 1
Drewcy Juice: 1
lymiq: 1
MyGiants: 1
pwmin: 1
Drizzt: 1
nicholasdances: 1

Lungfish Legion Total: 63

Here's the updated species-owned list:
AUL: 16
SAL: 21
WAL: 20
MAL: 3
SpAL: 3
GAL: 0

I counted all generic "African lungfish" as WALs; let me know if you're one of those people and your AL isn't a WAL.