MonsterAquariaNetwork needs your help!!


Fire Eel
MFK Member
Oct 2, 2007
MFK and all of MAN need your help!

Recently, we received a notice that we are being sued for breach of copyright and were given a cease and desist letter for both the word “Monster” and our logo, the “monster M”, despite the fact that the trademarks have been registered since 2005. Please take a minute to visit the blog that has been started and read to find out what you can do to help.

Its owner, Neoprodigy, is a massive supporter of the hobby, from donating funds and supplies to conventions to maintaining our series of free networks for fishkeepers of all kinds all over the world. His influence and support of the hobby should be legendary, and he has always maintained his sites at no cost to our members.

The network does not have the money for a lengthy legal battle and the future of the forums could be at risk. I would like to thank any of you that take the time to send emails, phone calls, or letters in our defense.

To reiterate, additional information and explanation can be found on the blog that has been set up at the following address:

The contact information for reaching the Monster Energy Corporation is listed below:

Monster Energy Corporation Contact Information
Monster Beverage Corporation
Attention: Consumer Relations
550 Monica Circle Suite 201
Corona, CA 92880



Monster Energy Company

550 Monica Circle, Suite 201
Corona, CA 92880

866-322-4466 Ext. 585!/pages:contact

Monster Energy Corporation Brands

Monster Energy
Hansen’s Natural
Peace Tea
Worx Energy
Blue Sky

Please join us in a total boycott of all their products and make your voice heard through letters, emails, or phone calls. We know that our fellow fish heads will come to our support and help us win this battle.