Moved, new double stand built, 3 125s & 180 setups done - finally!


MFK Member
Mar 5, 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
Alright, it’s been longer than I intended... But my move into our new house is complete and I finally had a little time to build the second stand to hold my 180 and new 125. These are both stands I built based off posts on MFK, many kudos to those that have posted plans or helped me when i asked. All in a climate controlled garage, so they are built for function and not finished out with stained panels etc.

So I’ve completed my transition away from trying to get cichlids to get along and given the chosen 3 their “own” setups (2 have plecos). Have to tell you folks, life is much easier when you’re not wondering if your fish are plotting each other’s death. 😆

Decor will probably change but I’ve gone minimalist at this point since i have bulldozer fish.

Here’s the arrangement:

125 #1 - 7” Tiger oscar from LFS & 5” blue phantom pleco from wet spot. I know Oscars are super common but they are what got me into the hobby and hold a special place in my fish journey. Can’t quit em.

125 #2 - 11” male Midas from COTA. Dude is a boss. First amph, loving it.

125 #3 - 7” male gold jag from COTA and a 6” common pleco. Another bucket list fish, excited to see him progress.

180 - Turtles! Have a 4 year old male Florida snapping turtle and a couple 10 year old basking turtles... RES and FRB