My DIY (more effective and compact) Python Water Changer


Feeder Fish
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Nov 25, 2007
I entered this week upset and frustrated. The reason you ask, it was taking me around 2 hours of labor every Saturday to do almost 200 gallons of weekly water changes and to gravel vac my tanks using 5 gallon buckets and a 10 foot cheapo gravel vac. If the tank was close enough to a sink or window, I would empty it there. I needed a better solution. Knowing my financial status (a 16 year old part time budget), I searched for answers. Frankly, I could not afford a new Python. This was my answer.


1-25,50,100 foot garden hose- $10 (I chose the 100 footer. This cost me $1 at a garage sale (I asked before buying and the lady said that it was NEVER used) I would suggest the rollable hoses for ease of storage.)

1-Faucet adapter- $4 (I already had one)

1-Water bed filling kit (We only need the "pump")- $5 (I already had one)

1- 1 inch threaded-slip fitting- $2 (I already had one)

1- 2 Inch Pressure Coupler- $7 (I already had one)


1.Connect the faucet adapter to the intake of the water "pump".

2.Then, connect the output of the "pump" to your garden hose.

3.Next, take off the cap and gasket on one side of the pressure coupler and insert your threaded-slip fitting (slip side in) into the side that still has the cap and gasket.

4.Finally, connect your threaded-slip fitting onto the opposite end of the garden hose, and wa la, you have an extremely cheap, more effective, and more compact Python Water Changer.

All in all this python cost me $1 for a rollable garden hose because my father is a plumber and he had all the spare parts lying around in the basement. For the "average joe", who didn't have parts lying around, this project would cost $28 (buying all parts new) for a 100 foot water changer/gravel vac!


Picture one is giving you an idea how small the water changer actually is.

Picture two is showing you the end that connects to a faucet.

Picture three is showing the gravel vac end.

I will update next Saturday with pictures of it in use!