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Aug 15, 2006
For those of you who do not know me, here is some background info. I have been studying and keeping reptiles for over ten years now and I am very pro on keeping animals in the best possible environment. I have owned many animals over the years but the green anaconda is my favorite snake. After countless hours of research on these sort of snakes I knew two things. They are highly aquatic and sexually dimorphic. Males stay a lot smaller then females in this case. So my hunt for a male began, this was over 3 years ago. After finding one, I drove a great distance to get him.... only to find out he was a she and I raised it from 3 foot too 9 foot. I had the choice to keep an animal that would get far to large for me to care for or find it a new home. So I did the only thing I could and sold it to a couple of guys who where breeders/wanting to one day make a zoo.

For some strange reason, male green anacondas are extermly difficult to come across in my country. At this time I was pretty bummed out as my favorite and best snake ever was now gone. All hope was lost and I was stuck with only a yellow anaconda. Over the years I have tried burms, african rock pythons and even my own yellow anaconda but nothing compared. Don't get me wrong, they where all great snakes(I still own my yellow and have no intentions on ever parting with him) but nothing compared to how mellow and calm my big green was.

Every day I am on kijiji and my reptile classifieds site browsing, I never intend on buying anything unless it really sparks my interest. Then, last week, I see this add for a male green anaconda. This was not the first add I saw, I traveled 3 hours only to knock on a door and find out the animal was not at that location and to "come back later", as you can see, my trust in sellers is slim. So I emailed this guy, he is french, english emails came to me sketchy but since I am french I understood what he was saying. We must have gone back and forth over 20+ emails, me making sure it's male, him making sure I want it so he holds it for me. And today was the day I brought this little gem home.



He currently lives in a cage I built. It's 48"long X 18"wide X 12" high. It will do for now. Lighting is a simple vanity cfl (6500k) and a ceramic heat emitter on the other side. I did the unthinkable and took his word on it being a male. I do not know how to properly probe an animal(I know how to in a book, just not hands on) He told me he had it probed by two different people with same results. I will not rest easy until he is larger and I can see his tail get really thick, just like my yellows did.

At this time the snake is getting used to his new home, I still need to add some driftwood but I am dead tired from being up for the last 26+ hours. Trust me, caiman pictures and stories will be coming soon. Hope you all enjoy this story :)




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Feb 18, 2011
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congrats on the new anaconda i have seen local pet stores where I live have them in from time to time. I wouldn't feel too confident probing snakes as I have never done it before but I have popped them before feel pretty confident with it I had to do it with alot of baby bps I got in a trade and several colubrids over the years. Atm I have no snakes and I am deliberating on getting back into them again after we move. I used to breed alot of pure jungle carpet pythons morelia s. cheyni. At one time I also had a pair of coastal carpets too one was a jaguar coastal carpet.
Before I can get back into them again I will have to get a rack. I really miss the kingsnakes and hognoses alot. They was alot of fun to keep. Hopefully I will be able to get back into them down the road.


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Apr 26, 2010
Houston texas
Nice find z-trip! hopefully your quest has come to an end and this is a male *knocks on wood*


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Aug 9, 2019
Awesome, congrats. I like anacondas but I'd be way too scared that I'd get a female lol.
I was the exact opposite. I have four snakes that can easily get 8 to 10 ft if I was getting an anaconda I was getting a female. No question in my mind now though. She has grown from 53 in to 65 in March and that's feeding her every 3 weeks. Sadly most people overfeed them because they think that since they are girthy snakes they're supposed to be fat and that couldn't be farther from the truth. They're not supposed to be scrawny of course but they need to be fed like boas. Because they're in the boa family. And they don't get anywhere near as much exercise as they do in the wild especially since most people don't give them big water areas like I do. My green has a 6 by 6 by 2 Pond. But they are amazing
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