My stingray pup flying????


Redtail Catfish
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Jan 6, 2018
Canada eh
Hi all,
Just pick ip my pup stingray 4 days ago.
In the new environment, First 2 day he doesn't move much and eat much.
Until today, Please see photos, he swim up and down to the top and also swim to the filter outlet
Is that a normal action for stingray, good or bad sign or doing this ???

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What are the water parameters. Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate numbers please? Also temp, full tank shot etc.

often rays will play in bubblers, overflows, run up and down the glass. Some splash at the top of the water level. This is somewhat normal.

not moving around, not eating is abnormal.

if it isn’t eating it can mean a number of things from stress to infections/ parasites etc.

do you notice any lesions or red spots on the belly? Often in travel they can get ammonia burns if they crap in the bag, even on short trips.

grab a net and bring it upon the glass to see the belly if you can’t see it.

if the head is sunken in between the eyes (concave) that is a bad sign, or if it’s hip bones are showing next to the base of the tail. This typically happens after a few weeks of not eating.If you see these, days are numbered and need immediate action. Use live food items if necessary to get it to eat anything.


Jack Dempsey
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Mar 3, 2018
Just an update, my pup start eating,however he only eat mussel, I put chopped mussel and prawn throw in it. All prawn has left over, all mussel has gone.....
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