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Sep 29, 2015
So, im new to this forum and came here from a different forum looking for a more diverse group of people to discuss fish with. I decided to jump right in and start a Journal about my tanks and maybe my family's tropical pond. Things about me: Ive been keeping fish since i was born (im quite young, just reached 13). my favorite fish is Arowana, second being catfish and puffers. I used to own a Silver Arowana until it jumped out of my family pond this past summer, and I currently i have own a juvenile Golden Crossback Arowana living in my 110 gallon grow-out. The crossback is living with 3 clown loaches. Until the Aro develops color, i will move it to the pond along with the clown loaches. I own a 30 gallon Hairy puffer tank, which i got for my birthday, and i also own an aquascaped 20 gallon zebra pleco tank, which currently has 2 zebra plecos.

here are some photos:
If the link dosent work, please tell me!
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