Native fishkeeping laws and guidance for collecting.

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Jan 27, 2006
MFK promotes the advancement of native fishkeeping. Here are some guidelines for ethical and legal North American native fishkeeping practices:

1. We believe on this site that it is imperative to follow the laws regarding the keeping of native fishes. It is very important that you obtain them in a legal manner. Please know your local laws and follow them regarding capture and placement of native fishes in your aquarium.

2. The release of any aquarium fish, whether native or otherwise, is prohibited in virtually every situation. Releasing fish from aquaria, no matter the duration, is ethically and in most cases legally irresponsible. The only way to part with a fish you can no longer handle is to find a suitable home for it, or to euthanize it. This prevents the spread of non-native disease and the spread of non-native species from our waterways.

3. There are several ways to obtain native species. You can purchase them from a licensed native dealer, you can collect unprotected species per your state and local regulations, or you can obtain a permit to collect protected species if your local regulations call for it. MFK does not promote the taking of native species illegally.

If you are unaware of your local regulations, please PM me. There are members here who are well aware of the laws in your area, or can find out. We will be happy to assist you in making your native fishkeeping experience legal, ethical, and enjoyable.

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