never good to be too confident


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Oct 19, 2014
As posted before I bought 2 cheap second hand eheim 2080 and 2180 well put all new seals and impellor's on both. Well yesterday I removed my fluval 406 and instaled the 2180 primed it switched on all working then I hear a trickling sound go over to the filter water pouring out of the motor head.So I try the 2080 head same thing strip down 2180 head full of water .Any way strip down the head remove motor and found a seal don't know if it is called primer seal or motor head seal any way cleaned it and applied a generous amount of silicone grease put it in the kitchen placed it in a old 55 lt cube tank as of now it has been running for 2 hours no leaks so far. I stripped down the 2080 head and did the same again although that seal looked a bit warped. been searching online but can't find that part I guess eheim would rather people buy a new head or filter instead of a cheap seal will have a go again at the 2080 head at least the 2180 is not leaking at the moment but I leave it running in my kitchen for a few days to see if it is safe to re attach to my aquarium.