New clients to my tank :)


Jack Dempsey
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Apr 24, 2015
Buena Park, CA
So today I went to my LFS and just wanted to buy a blue tang for the nieces and nephews to go crazy over! However, I walked out with more like I’m sure a lot of us do blue tang, 2 cleaning wassel, and 1 anemone. Not sure what the species of anemone I got is. Forgot to take a pic. Anyways, any feedback on how to take care of the anemone or any comments would be nice :) green algae in tank is do to sunlight comjngbin from a side window. I’ll be closing that window off ASAP! Lol

90BCF09E-B06E-40D5-A9F0-F6C2B0F33B48.png 3DE2301E-C97F-4055-A1D0-62CDBCEB236F.png 093558AE-6B1D-4945-823F-63ACC897CE9B.png 6CECA03B-B067-4AC6-B2CD-A740A1D0B9E6.png 59C46183-83A1-476D-AC22-9F042C5A09C7.png 2223A0E0-3719-40D5-BB08-A08BB41C7BCC.png