Officially USA's Sole Distributor of EWD Rays!

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How's it going MFK??

We are Proud to Announce our New Partnership with Kenny Lim of Empire Exotic Ray's Ltd. (Empire White Diamond).

Now the Sole Distributor of EWD in The United States, we are truly excited for the bright future we have in store for everyone here at MFK!

You will finally have a chance to own some of the most exclusive Ray's on the planet! They come from decades of line breeding and champion bloodlines. Most all EWD will be F4 to F6 Generation from wild.

We are expecting to see the first EWD land on US soil this Month!!

Stay informed by visiting our website and signing up to SMS updates, to keep up with all our latest stock. Just click the link below:

Also to get an idea of what's to come check out our Empire Rays side of the website here:

If your interested in preorders, feel free to contact me about any Ray's you see Kenny post to Facebook. Preorders require 50% down payment before paperwork is started.

A big Thank You to our great fish community for bringing me to this point! Its possible because of you!!!;)

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May 3, 2011
northern va
Man I am so excited these rays are breathtaking!
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