P. polleni - duck lips?


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May 9, 2007
Northwest Canada
No, not hostile at all, and I tend to agree with pretty much everything that you just posted. I used to wholesale fish food to retail stores across Canada, and would cringe every time I saw a retail outlet selling products/brands that I know were at the time banned for sale here in Canada. If we were discussing dogs or cats, heads would roll, with massive fines to follow. But unfortunately a pet fish doesn't quite draw the same type of attention from pet owners, or the govt. I dunno, sometimes I wonder if that isn't a good thing. Hard to say where it might all end?

Unfortunately columnaris is one of those pathogens that can linger for years, even surviving in mud, to only later surface when a fish is stressed, or simply weaker from old age etc. So difficult to tell sometimes, and frustrating to lose a fish such as that. I felt the same when I lost my adult male polleni, I loved that fish. Hopefully the Bio-Clean helps you in some small way. Best of luck.