Porcupine puffer problems?


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Aug 2, 2016
I have recently aquired a porc puffer from my lfs. I had them qt the fish in a sterile copper treated system for 3 weeks. The cloud or abrasion look to it's eyes were clear it was swimming randomly through the tank not sitting or pacing. It was making valiant efforts at feeding.

I brought it home. Aclimation time of about 3hrs. Used the drip line into a 5gallon bucket. 3 days after arrival it began to act as tho it was adjusting and settling in. Started eating mysis and acting like it was tearing up some clam on a half shell. It seemed to gobble up a huge bit and then spit it all back out and repeat this process for a little while never at any point consuming a visible portion of it's bite.
Is there something I missed?
Is there a very specific portion they eat and discard the rest. The other fish in the tank wait for it to loose intrest before they shred the left overs.
My concern is that it's not eating any noticeable amount of anything that I can see. There are random small mixed corals in the tank as well as some xsmall hermits. I can't say if there eaten off of or not due to them only being bits and pieces to begin with.
But I'm worried it dosnt look fat. It seems skinny to me and it wants to hang out in the top front corner of the tank instead of anywhere else. Different flow pattern was tried and nothing changed. The water peraminters are within reason but could be improved slightly.
Is this a normal thing for them. I have read about 40k different options about them but I'm looking for someone who has raised them from start to finish and has had different exp. With them.
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