Pothos in your tank, easy peasy


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Dec 21, 2018
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Using Pothos in your aquarium is a snap...and excellent for nitrate consumption.

First, condition the water to detoxify. Don't use Prime as it blocks ammonia.

(This instruction is for fishless cycling tanks!)
Dosage under 100 gallons 1 teaspoon daily ammonia
over 100 gallons 2 teaspoons daily ammonia
If over 300 gallons 3 teaspoons daily ammonia

Important! Do not use ammonia with soaps or perfumes. Get the pure type...shake the bottle. If you see no milky foam it is the correct kind.

OR as an alternative place pothos in 5 gallon bucket...dosage 1 teaspoon ammonia every 4 days (add to established tank after 3 weeks. Rinse with conditioned water first)

Keep under light 10-12 hours. The type doesn't matter since Pothos is a low light level plant. However, the adjustment to submersion goes more smoothly with more light. In two weeks you should start to see noticable roots. Use airstones in all applications. You may notice after about 5 days a few leaves develop holes or splits. A stem may fall loose. Pinch them off and leave the plant submerged. It is simply adapting to aquatic environment. The plant will absorb ammonia as a nutrient base. (When ammonia runs low it will consume nitrite as an alternative) This is extremely effective when cycling a tank and simple to do. Use a sizeable piece to be effective, say 6-8 ft vine or half a large potted plant. You can wind it around decorations or ball it up and let it float. Good for destructive fish and gives them something to play with or hide. As the roots gain size the nitrate absorption increases.