Red wolf fish 7-8 inch


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Feb 1, 2015
kitchener ontario
Have a red wolf fish in a 90g with a 20g gallon sump fluval 404 and hang on filter,with a 9 inch odoe pike and 9 inch Florida Gar which are very friendly and have never seen any of them show any aggression to each other only toward their food worms ,mealies, mollies, platies.
I have a clay pot for the red wolf and he is always hiding, I know they are nocturnal but if i try and feed him at night he gets scared and balls up in his cave.
The question is should I remove the cave, or is he intimated by the other fish which are pretty friendly.
And yes I am working on a 8 foot by 31inch deep by 3 ft deep acrylic for the pike and gar.
Thanks look forward to any similr experiences and some input.

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Dec 24, 2005
Wouldn’t remove the pot. It’s hiding from the other fish. Larger fish like odoes and fl gars aren’t good tankmates for red wolves.

Get ur other tank ready soon.