Reptile for a 10g


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Sep 2, 2018
A Pac-Man frog will work, but they aren’t at all a playful pet. They sit in a burrow sometimes completely buried, waits for food to be in a small radius near it to eat, poops, finds/makes a new burrow somewhere else, sits in a water dish, and doesn’t like contact.

I think if u get a really big water dish in it, a lot of substrate, a newt could be a fun interactive pet. Still would not like a lot of contact, but will let you hand feed it and hold it, just not pet it. You will need a good lid, mine will act as a tree frog and stick to my old aquarium to climb out.
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Jan 26, 2020
Canton SD
Frogs and newts aren't reptiles, they're amphibians.

You can keep a leopard gecko perfectly healthy in a 10 gallon tank, though they might prefer a 20 long. Just be careful about heating it. You always want a warm end and a cool end. Leopard geckos are nocturnal, so they don't require UV lamps like some reptiles, they do require a balanced diet with calcium and vitamin D supplementation. You may be able to find some that accept pellet diets if you look for captive bred specimens.
Leopard geckos do enjoy bigger tanks. Most ppl tend to keep em in a 20g long with only a heat pad under the tank for warmth and given 2 hides, 1 dry and 1 humid, the humid hide just makes it easier for em to shed. As for being nocturnal your kind of right but also wrong. They are actually crepuscular meaning they are most active during dawn and dusk. If ya want something that is almost the exact same as a leopard gecko that is strictly nocturnal there is the African fat tailed gecko which does end up just a tiny bit smaller then a leopard gecko. Other then their color patterns and active time they are almost the same animal. Here's a couple pics of the 2 to show their similarities. Leopard is on top, fat tailed is on bottom.


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