Save my fish from potential death.

What do you think the cause of the sunken stomach is? (Please comment down solutions and thoughts)

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Mar 31, 2023
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My cichlid of almost 4 years, suddenly got an illness while I was away. I came back to it with a heavily almost scrapped off eye, and believed that it was popeye.

r/Cichlid - Save my fish from potential death.
r/Cichlid - Save my fish from potential death.
From what I think, I think the eye got too big, and was being chased by a bigger fish, and scrapped it that hard, or it just popped.

I have treated this illness with Pimafix, and Melafix, and the working clouded eye has seemed to clear up a little bit. Everything was fine then until today, when I started seeing my fish seemingly ooze out this fleshy substance, that has made its anus area large. I thought it was its anus until I saw another hole that could be its anus. I am worried it might be its stomach because of catfish eating videos I have seen that the fish bulges out of its stomach, but it's not its anus area.

r/Cichlid - Save my fish from potential death.
Before all this happened, the fish had a pretty big stomach, but now as it is doing this as I speak, it has sunken dramatically.

I have 3 theories for this:

1: The fish has stopped eating for a long time hence the dried blood I see on its eye and the sunken stomach.

2: It's a parasite that has been giving it a bloated stomach, but ever since I've given it pimafix and melafix, it has died and went through its digestive system, and is being pooped out actually through its anus or a hole that appeared due to the size.

3: It not eating to heal itself, hence me thinking this has been like this for at least 6 days now, for the stomach size to have changed drastically. I have looked at it again, and it has gotten bigger. I looked this up and it seemed to look similar to Prolapsed anus, but I see blood and other symptoms that are similar to a parasite.

Another fish that is a sibling to this one also died from bloated stomach, and I think this may be that case again.

I really don't want this fish to die as I have raised it ever since the mother released them, and don't want to go through the pain of losing another one. Please help me help this fish, and potentially make the other fish's lives in the tank safe.

r/Cichlid - Save my fish from potential death.
r/Cichlid - Save my fish from potential death.
UPDATE: The fish has fully pooped out the thing, and it looks very fleshy and disgusting with round clear circles around it, that look like clear eggs or rocks. I don't know if these are parasite eggs, but it is very concerning. At the top of the thing where it last came out, there was a drop of blood. I removed it from the tank for good measure.