Senegal Bichir tankmates


Jack Dempsey
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Oct 13, 2017
Hi. 4 weeks ago i rescued a pleco and a senegal bichir, both about 12 cm long from a neglected tank. They were in a quarantineb100 l tank together and im trying to think whats the best fir them. I have a 350 l tank with 4 small peacocks about 10 cm long and thought about putting them there. I rwad a few bad stories about plecos and bichirs so i wanted to ask about that first: is it a good idea to try? I mean they lived together for around a year befor i rescued them and there werent any problems, so assuming ill be able to see if the plecco isbstarting to harass the bichir should i give it a shot and see? Or is it too much a risk? And the second thing is the peacocks and the bichir, do you think it can work together? At least untilll he will get bigger then them ?
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Apr 5, 2017
Flint town!
Plecos can harass other fish trying to feed off of their slime coats. I had a common pleco kill an oscar. One night ate the oscars side right off. I didn't know or understand what was going on at the time. Some plecos are fine others not so much. It varies with each pleco. One may be fine and another of the same type may be not so much. Watch for signs, ring shaped marks on the other fish. If you see them time for a decision pleco or the other fish. As for the peacocks it'll probably be fine as long as the sen can't get them in its mouth. Peacocks can be pretty aggressive also, the sen won't understand their body language or honor their boundaries. I've seen polys loose eyes and fins to really aggressive cichlids. All in all watch and you'll see if anything starts. If issues arise don't hesitate to remove the problem or victim.


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Jun 12, 2021
Find a new home for that slime coat eating poop machine common pleco REALLY QUICK they are worst fish in the hobby A.F.A.I.A.C !