Serrasalmus Compressus?


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Jan 21, 2021
Big fish in small pond
Received two 3" S. Compressus. Each have distinctly different characteristics. #1 features a flatter, less angled dorsum, smaller in height (more "compressed"), larger eyes/iris, darker/thicker terminal band on caudal fin, larger spots which are darker and more rounded. The other with opposite characteristics - more angled dorsum, longer height, smaller eyes, terminal band on caudal fin is much more faded, and a brighter overall appearance with more noticeable gold "fleck" and lighter spots which are more oval in shape.

NWA Compressus 1_1.jpg
NWA Compressus 1_2.jpg


NWA Compressus 2_2.jpg

Together, #1 on the left:
NWA Compressus Together 1.jpg
NWA Compressus Together 2.jpg
NWA Compressus Together 3.jpg
NWA Compressus Together 4.jpg

I believe they are Serrasalmus Compressus but my friend disagrees. And the different features strike me as weird but I have not kept this type before. Opinions?
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Aug 31, 2020
Seem like it to me. I don’t know serras too well though.
Great find! I had a chance to get one a while back but passed on it, regret it knowing how rare they are.