Should You Post Your Image Here ** READ BEFORE POSTING PHOTOS **


Jack Dempsey
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Jan 18, 2005
Maryland, USA

APF offers a variety of forums that are provided for the membership to post photos to share and display for constructive comments and suggestions leading to improvement. We recommend that the forums be used for specific purposes.

Photography 101 - This is the place where you can ask questions about the technical nuances involved in taking photographs. Information directed toward camera settings, lighting and flash setups, and photographer techniques will be discussed here. This is also the forum where you can post photos to use as models or examples illustrating questions and answers.

The General and Aquatic Critiques - These forums are designed for the photographer to post ONE image to be evaluated with serious and precise criticism from the APF staff and membership. It is also recommended that the member post photos that are of their highest standards here. With the purpose of the shared photo to be criticised for improvement, the poster should be prepared for objective observations and suggestions.

As a requirement to post a photo in one of the Critique Forums, the poster must include pertinent information about the camera settings and lighting set-up used for the photograph.

The General and Aquatic Galleries - Dividing the photo galleries into areas of topic, provides the membersip places to share images of common interest.

Photos that have "aquatic" composition should be shared in the DSLR or P&S Aquatic Gallery.

The General Gallery is where you want to share all your photos that have composition other than aquatic subjects. Examples include landscapes, nature, portraiture, etc.

The Aquatic and General Forums are also excellent areas to share photographic series of interest. These forums can be used as a place to have a photographer have a ongoing thread where a chronological photo album can run pertaining to a particular event such as spawning fish, mating birds, or a bridge construction.

Basically, the General and Aquatic galleries are where you post most of the images you want to share. The only rule for these forums is that APF staff asks that no more than five images are shared in an individual post.

If you want to have ONE quality aquatic photo critiqued, you should post it here.
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