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    Show us you indoor ponds

    Discussion in 'Indoor Ponds' started by stotty, Feb 5, 2008.

    1. Brian Rodgers

      Brian Rodgers MFK Members

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      Brian Rodgers
      Apr 10, 2016
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      Northern New Mexico
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      Sunday at 6:42 AM
      Awesome build. Very inspiring.
      Here is an update on our 2600 gallon fish tank. We had a leak in the greenhouse roof which leaked Zinc from our galvanized tin roof in making our Brook Trout sick. They were over two years old. I did three day long water exchanges to dilute the tank water and hopefully clean all the media beds. Culled the last 10 trout and am going for more Brook trout Monday. Currently I am creating a 30 gallon portable fry tank to transport 100 trout fry.

      I added Hornwart to the tank to give the fry a place to feel safe in this big system.
      Tomatoes and much more are doing very well. Water is clear even though I have been ill a lot lately I try to keep up.
      With massive water changes and all the trout removed the bottom is clean again.
      Here is the portable fish transport tank I am building. There will be a place to put the solar powered bubbler and a snorkel for excess air. I should have installed an airlift filter sponge for filtration, oh well gotta forget something I guess.
    2. eddiegunks

      eddiegunks MFK Members

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      eddie gunks
      Mar 6, 2017
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      Tillson NY
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      Today at 6:01 AM
      Here is my first indoor pond. It's a bit of a work in progress. I have changed my sump to K-1. I've also added a new water pump. So it's still being improved upon.

      8 x 4 x 2 plywood pond with EDPM liner. I used 1 inch foam to help on insulation.

      I am using a barracuda reeflo pump. Gives me approximately 3900 gallons per hour at 4 feet of head. Sump is a 75 gallon tank with two 2 inch PVC returns. I have a proximately 1 ft.³ of media. I'm going to add a 2nd cubic foot as soon as I get my air pump finalized. I also need to improve the way my pumps adds water to ten sump. I am going to make some sort of a spray bar to help get better fluidization.

      Right now air is supplied by 1300 gph pump with 3 large stones.

      I have to plumb in my uv filter and my mechanical filter. I will use the 5 gallon bucket as my mechanical filtration.

      I also plan to run a 15 gallon per day drip system. I will have the drip overflow come off of the mechnical filtration bucket.

      The bottom of the bucket will be lava rock just to add more bb to my system.

      Please note, the two sets of PVC lines that come out of the pond to the left of the bucket are from my old pumps, I just have not remove them from the pond yet. I wanted to be sure everything was set before I completely broke them down.

      I will be stocking it with various rays.




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