Snail Infestations and Solutions to Eliminating Them


Feeder Fish
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Aug 4, 2009
allentown pa
I've got two tanks infested with mts. If it were ramshorn's I would be bothered. Id squish them and let the fish eat them like I did in my moms tank as a teenager. But that don't work with MTS. I asked my local box store. They didn't have a snailacide. They had copper safe. Thought nuking it with copper would work. The lady advised against it due to the ammonia fall out. Its been three days now and I'm not seeing a die off. I even took the carbon out of the filter first and doubled down on dosage. One tank is a ten, which is my daughters. That one I'm thinking of stripping and bleaching. The other is a 55. Its a N.A native tank so loaches and puffers wont work.