Starry Night Cichlid (Paratilapia bleekeri)

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Nov 20, 2020
Valencia California
hey guys as I am getting ready to setup my new tank soon and have an idea what I am going to put in the my new tank, I saw this Madagascar cichlid and i like to ad to my list. I wanted to know has any one of you guy ever kept one before and what do you think as far as tank made



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Feb 18, 2007
Mesa - Arizona
I have been keeping these since october i started with 7. Three i gave away due to aggression with each other and no space to keep them all. 2 were killed by siblings, 2 i still have in a separatted tank. i would not keep together i tried and failed they were 2.5 inches when bought in a 75 gallon and constantly after each other none stop. THere has been a salvini in with them since i got them and salvani has been the boss of them all only bullying the most dominant one of the pollenis leaving the rest alone, and have had a peacock cichlid in with them all most the hole time as well salvini does not bother the peacock, polleni harrases the peacock. the pollenis are funny only chase things that do not fight back they chase the peacock around madly then he gets sick of it and smashes them on the face and they run away like cowards, all bark no bite from what i see only bother there own kind. all mentioned fish were housed together. recently all are separated in different tank. others have seemed to keep together fine not on my end thow.
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Sep 11, 2020
it’s basically a smaller black jaguar cichlid very aggressive and very predatory. it does not make a very good addition to cichlid communities because it’s absolutely gorgeous when its the most dominant fish but becomes a very ugly tan color if it isnt the most dominant or is in a bad mood. unless youre setting up a tank specifically for this fish i wouldn’t recommend it as a tankmate for anything.
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