Stocking options


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Apr 29, 2019
I have a 140 gallon semi-aggressive cichlid community with a Firemouth pair + 3 juveniles, Blue Acara pair + extra female, Rainbow cichlid pair, T-bar female and a female Salvini. Currently only the Acaras spawn regularly, Firemouths spawn maybe once or twice a year and the Rainbows have never spawned, because the female never seems to be willing to breed.

The Salvini is attracted to the male FM and she doesn't usually let the female FM near the male. Firemouth male doesn't want to spawn with the Salvini but they still hang out together and defend their territory. Whenerver the Acaras spawn they claim the Rainbows territory and the aquarium is divided between them and FM + Salvini. I had a male T-bar, but the Salvini really hated him for some reason and he and his female were smaller than the Salvini, so they no chance to defend their territory, and eventually he died of stress.

I would like to have another pair that spawns regularly and is able to form a stable territory. But I'm kinda afraid of just increasing the overall aggression in my tank. Here are my options:

1. Get an adult male T-bar, which is larger than my Salvini and thus can stand up to her.
2. Get a young convict male for the female T-bar, and hope he doesn't cause too much havoc when they spawn.
3. Get an adult Rainbow cichlid female that would hopefully spawn with my male and help him to defend their own territory. The Salvini luckily doesn't really care about my Rainbows, so they could possibly form a territory.

On scenarios one and two I would prolly have to rehome my Rainbows to avoid overstocking. What would you think is the option that is most likely to work out?