Suggestions on LED Pendant lighting


Peacock Bass
MFK Member
Jan 19, 2018
I want to change out my lighting for something with a little more shimmer; however, I am not going with a planted tank so I need an option that will allow lowering of intensity and brightness. I generally, have American Cichlids so bright light is not needed. I wanted to get some pendants (rather have goosenecks than hanging/leveling) rather than the strip lighting. I basically am okay with just the middle 4 feet of tank being covered. I was thinking about 2 freshwater kessils, but not exactly sure what size I should get. ot worried about the money, I can see this will be percieved as a waste not growing plants, but can always do this in future...I really want the option to decrease intensity/brightness. I would be okay with some for suggestions.