For Sale Synodontis granulosus pair

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Nov 23, 2007
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Hi All-Tough decision here, but I've decided to part with my pair of legit Synodontis granulosus. They have lived together in harmony since they were little. While I'm no authority on sexing Synodontis, I think the pictures speak pretty clearly. It would certainly seem to be a male/female pair. She is built like a golf ball. Though I have a lot of PVC pipes in the tank to choose from, they often spend time together in the same pipe. They eat anything and their diet is mostly Ken's Flakes. As I really do think these two are a pair (of course I can't guarantee it), ideally I'd like them to go to someone with an aquarium that's big enough to cultivate them as breeders. I've had them for a year and half and they're healthy as horses. I've never seen 2 for sale like this so I have no idea what would be correct to chargeSynodontis granulosus-Male.jpgSynodontis granulosus-Female.jpgSynodontis granulosus-Female 2.jpgSynodontis granulosus-Pair.jpg. I'm starting at $650 and will give that number a bit of time to gauge things, but shoot me an offer and if I'm not getting the ask price who knows. The fish I believe to be a male is pushing 5" and the fish I believe to be a female is pushing 4". The photos and video don't remotely show their aquarium colors as they're stressed out (and who can blame them!). Pickup will be done outside with masks while socially distancing. Call or text (760) 409-5299.