Tank Update - 150g Monster tank

12 Volt Man

Giant Snakehead
MFK Member
May 24, 2007
You threw me for a second. I remembered almost the same stock from a few years ago. I want a stand just like yours.
yes, I had similar stock a few years ago but ran into some problems with tinfoils that came with internal parasite problems (had to be put down) and redhooks that were being out competed by the barbs for food.

these tinfoils are healthy and the redhooks (as you can see from the rapid growth) don't seem to have any issues at feeding time and eat aggressively.

hopefully things will remain ok because I really like the stock in this tank as is.

at this point, the only remaining issue is whether or not the tank will have to be further culled because of the bioload when all these guys grow up.

I'm hoping it will be okay because I have handled tanks before with heavy bioloads with no issues but we will have to see.

-12 Volt