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Welcome MonsterFishKeepers!

At Exotic Aquatics LLC we like to keep things easy to understand.

Payment Methods:
  • All major credit cards accepted through Square payments. (Invoices can be emailed for easy transactions, they offer mobile payments).
  • PayPal (if using PayPal we require payments to be sent as family and friends to avoid fees and potential scammers)
  • Personal check(must be cleared for 7 business days prior to shipping of fish)
  • Cash upon personal delivery (all personal deliveries require 50% down)

Layaway/Holding of Livestock

Once you have chosen the livestock of interest for purchase, we will set up your layaway plan.
  • Minimum purchase for layaway is $1000usd.
  • For smaller purchases please use the HOLD method (3 bullets down)
  • The total of your order will be divided into 4 payments, and payments are to be made twice a month and must be paid in full within 60 days of the first payment. (Shipping will be factored into your layaway plan).
  • All layaway livestock will be housed in their own personal tanks for safety of said specimen.
  • To simply hold a fish we require 50% down and must be paid in full within 2 weeks.
  • Any fish on layaway will not be held longer then 60 days. If it's past 60 days the customer will be contacted to make his/her final payment. You will have a one week grace period to get back to us before the fish is put back up for sale. (We will try and make contact daily for one week after 60 days)


We offer our customers several ways to receive their livestock.
  • Southwest Air Cargo(Airport to Airport)
  • FedEx
  • UPS
USPS and other carriers will not be used for any reason. We have found over the years that the company's listed above served our customers the best.

All packages are shipped overnight or same day air cargo ONLY.
We will not under any circumstances use a two day shipping service.
**Exeption** (Ground shipping available to the Tri-state ONLY, typically delivers the next business day).

We ship on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays ONLY.

At this time Exotic Aquatics LLC does not allow pickup, however we do offer personal delivery within New Jersey.
(Please contact us for further details if your interested in the personal delivery option. We can also acclimate the livestock to your tanks for an additional fee).

Preparing Your Fish For Shipping:

  • All fish are fasted for 2-4 days (depending on the species) before shipping to ensure no added waste is released into the bags during shipping.
  • Fish are Triple and even Quadruple bagged in Heavy Duty 3mm Bags.
  • ALL Bags are filled with 100% PURE OXYGEN.
  • We add HOT and COLD Packs as needed depending on your location.
  • We always ship our fish in Styrofoam Insulated Boxes.

Live Arrival Guarantee:

All of our livestock is guaranteed to arrive at your door or airport alive!
  • In the rare case of DOA's please, DO NOT OPEN THE BAG!!
  • We require that you contact us within 2 Hours of recieving the package (Once we are notified of the situation we will be able to assist you further).
  • We require a facetime chat or video recording (with current newspaper/news channel in the video for reference) sent to us of the fish in the UNOPENED BAG.
  • Please focus your camera on the head of the fish and it's gills.
  • Refunds will be given as replacement fish ONLY.
  • In the rare event we do not have the same fish of equal or better quality we will issue you a full refund less the original shipping fees. (This is the only way in which we reverse payments).
Guarantee Void If:
  • You fail to contact us within 2 hours of receiving your package.
  • First delivery attempt failed(nobody home to receive the package).
  • You don't provide time or date reference in DOA video.
  • You open the bag before contacting us about the DOA.
  • If you give us the wrong shipping address.
  • If the shipping company of choice had a delayed delivery. (If it Doesn't arrive when it is scheduled to, a claim with the shipping company must be filed).

All of our livestock is ALWAYS treated with pharmaceutical grade meds before being offered for sale. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I have been a member here on MFK since 2007 and I appreciate all of your love and support over the years!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime day or night! We are here to serve you!

Text/Call: 908-507-4163
Email: ExoticAquatics908@gmail.com
Facebook: @XoticAquatics908
Instagram: @ExoticAquaticsLLC

Website to come very soon stay tuned!

Owner, Exotic Aquatics LLC
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Dec 24, 2005
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Jun 19, 2006
Datnoid Island
What do you have available presently?

Exotic Aquatics LLC

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K krichardson
I only brought in rays last shipment, and I'm mostly sold out. I had a bunch of high end BD pups I posted months back and other pearls, hybrids, and super hybrids.

I do however have a few 8"+ female pearls left for sale in the MFK marketplace.
Also a 5-6" pair of HET Pearls I would consider selling.
Have some red tail tinfoil barbs that are about 4"

I was thinking of possibly making a new thread to allow members to vote for fish that are available for future imports, or to make suggestions/requests.

I'm always ready to hunt down something cool and different for you guys..That's what makes it fun!

Thanks for asking BTW


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Jun 19, 2006
Datnoid Island