Thanks for all the e-pikes and an "award"


Feeder Fish
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Jul 15, 2006
As the year ends I want to say how fantastic this group is. I never would have imagined 30 years ago that I would be able to click button and see hundred of pics of hundreds of different pikes with thoughts from hundreds or other crenichlahollics. My appreciation to one and all.

I also wanted to create and nominate a Pike of the Era award (drum roll): the Crenicihla Johanna

You know, they aren't my favorite crenicichla, but consider...

-Beauty: Although not as super-beautiful (IMO) as full blown Tapajos reds, Rosemariaes, real Lents, nicest Marms, deep black and red Xingu 3 females, fires etc.....they are nonetheless quite full of color and form. A solid red (no fading with mood here boys!) on the dorsal, that smiley Johanna mouth, the broad black horizontal line which actually sticks around in adulthood, the bright red eyes, the over the eye black "mascara". All in all a highly attractive pike. And with variety to the looks as well.

-Availability/accesibility: They are usually pretty inexpensive and highly available and have been for decades. Can we say that about ANY of the more exotic pikes? Maybe the Xingu 1s are regularly available and from places other than top distributors...but otherwise it's go to the best sellers, or a crap shoot. Not Johannas, they are always around and everywhere. They are also usually among the cheapest of the big lugubris pikes. Sure the Rosemariaes and Fires are more exotic and beautiful...but they cost 5-50 times a Johanna and you will never see one of them at the local pet shop. Certainly Johannas are the pike for the everyman.

-Personality: Harder to evince this point, but I think they are one of the more keeper-interactve of the pikes along with Cintas, Vens and a few other (will accept some correction here if I'm off)

-History: As I mentioned above I started with pikes in the early 1980s and came back to them in the mid 2000s with an occccassional visit in between and I can say Johannas were in the hobby at the start, there in the middle and are still there all the time-truly a pike which has stood the test of time.

When I get myself a monster pike tank soon, I probably will get one of the more exotic crenichcla...but the Johannas "represent" like no other.



Running From The Hammer...
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Jul 6, 2005
Couldn't of said it better Greg. It has been an eventful year, tons of new faces and friends. Been a great learning and growing experience with you guys, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We are a unique family, and I'm glad that you guys are all a part of it!!!!

I definately second the part about johanna. They are indeed the posterboard pike for Crenicichla. Definately don't get enough credit where they deserve it. Great post man!!