This is disturbing 😳


Goliath Tigerfish
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Jul 28, 2005
Yes, a complete local ecosystem has taken a big hit there. The whole system has been temporarily unbalanced and other species will suffer too, not just the fish.

It could take years to get that balance back.
Yes. A loooooong while.
But, at the same time. Events like this that push an ecosystem to its limits, also help to reset the invasions from over competitive, non-native species. It also helps the aquatic populations with local adaptations re-establish themselves and get a foothold again.

Wow. That’s sad. I can only imagine how bad that must smell.
Didn't even think of that until I watched the clip. That smell could probably make a maggot gag.

Really, a true word said in jest. Australia's rarest resource is water.
I watched an interesting short documentary on small bush towns in Aus slowly dying and shrinking due to the effects of drought and dust bowls.
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