TOTM April 2011 Winner

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Aug 31, 2011
Orange county, CA
This is really disappointing. I just have to say as far as there being no rules is that the only reason rules or laws are ever made is because there are people in the world that have no moral guide of what is ok or not. I think any that has ever seen this competition would've assumed it was for people to show off their own tank they're proud of. That would make me believe the intention of the person entering pictures such as this intended to deceive everyone unless they disclosed when they entered it was a public tank. There was a member named Guzman that got banned, because in a different part of this website he posted a photo of a public aquarium and claimed it as his own. Omitting the fact an aquarium isn't yours is no better. Maybe anyone posting pictures of public aquariums here should be banned or guzman should be able to come back and appologized to.
okay and right are very relative, i don't agree with many laws or rules doesn't make them wrong but they sure aren't right to me or many other people. I don't see it being a problem, it is in the past and you arrived a bit late mods have already answered and i doubt they'll go back on it, its over.

anyway this is absolutely amazing, i couldn't imagine seeing this tank in person. this is truly beautiful and as a tank it deserved to win, even if it wasnt the poster's tank
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