Triangle pond?


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Dec 9, 2016
I'm thinking of building a pond in my garage and the best shape to utilize the space would be a triangle. I could have one that is about 400 gallons. Essentially 6feet on both sides and then the long side would be 8.5feet and about 3feet high. Would this be okay to house a bamboo shark or two and some rays? Or would the tight corners just be bad for sharks and rays?
Mainly curious about the shape concern. I have had a pond for sharks and rays a few years back and know about the humidity, filtration, work, time, and money to maintain a saltwater pond


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Apr 5, 2017
Flint town!
I had round ponds when I did this. Seemed most of them would naturally just circle. Or was that because of the shape? My thoughts on the shape are this you may have dead spots in the corners unless you purposfully aim flow there, and you'll probably end up with the bamboo sharks face planted in the corners. Mine would always cram their faces in the tightest spots in the rockwork. I had the rocks ziptied together on a "shelf" to allow a natural look and not block most of the floor space in the pond. This gave the most swim area and hiding spots. I'd still find them face planted in a crevis higher up in the rock work from time to time.