We will see where this goes...


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Mar 9, 2017
Hello; Too bad about the pond last winter. I recall the pictures you posted. Back in the 1970's I took a Limnology course and seem to recall here was a minimum depth for a pond to avoid freezing solid. My thinking is the depth varies depending on where you live. You might check with the Ag folks or farmers COOP in your area. They should know.

Probably should bee some deeper than the code for buried waterpipes. Around here I think it is 24 inches. Likely much deeper for you. For some reason 15 to 20 feet deep keeps coming up in my memory.
Our frost line is 42” down. So less then 4ft. Supposedly....

I won’t be keeping fish out over winter anymore. I’m not going to risk losing more koi.
Too stressful and once it gets bad I’m helpless to do anything.

My husband is going to help me tweak the shape of the pond and then we will leave it as is for this year. I think adding on a second larger pond will be in the future for next year if the water table goes down.
And we will build a basement pond for wintering koi.
There isn’t a rush to build the second pond this year anymore since our big girls were the reason for the expansion. I like growing out little ones so we will have a little time to work with.
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