Where to house my small Jaguars?!


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Dec 13, 2022

Hi all,

I currently have 3 juvenile jaguars between 1.5 & 2 inches. They are currently in their own 2 foot tank. They seem happy and growing well....but...
I know they will quickly outgrow this tank and is only temporary which is why I'm here.
I think even now they may progress faster and be healthier etc in a bigger tank from the start.

The goal is for two of them if they pair up to go into their own 155G 5ft tank (which is empty atm).
I also have a 330G 10 ft tank with juvenile cichlids in which are around 3 inches or so. So one or the other or both of those tanks is the final destination. Maybe a pair in one tank and the other individual in the 10ft tank or equally will move that one on.

My question is do I look at putting them in another tank in-between for now.

I have several planted 70G 4ft tanks (2 with angels and one with ellioti cichlids) so not sure if for a few months they could go in one of them before I move them to the much bigger tanks?!

The other reason is I need their little 2 ft tank for fry as my juvenile ellioti and JD cichlids are producing plenty.

Any suggestions by you guys/girls is much appreciated

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Mar 29, 2019
Manitoba, Canada
Hmmm...a tiny tank containing a trio of 2-inch cichlids which will quickly grow large and aggressive...a plan to hopefully get a pair out of the trio...an empty 6-foot tank...

Sorry, I'm drawing a blank. :)


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Jan 27, 2023
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jaguar cichlids are slow growing, so you can put your ones in the 155 or 330. But it will eventually get big enough to eat those smaller cichlids, so better to put them in the empty 155. They will grow healthy there and you can keep them there for at least one year or more. But do not put them in the planted tanks because they will surely eat the plants as soon as they get a bit bigger or even now. they even nip the angels.