WiFi Fish Feeder?


Jack Dempsey
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Sep 6, 2019
For all my setups i use a power strip from kasia. i found it on amazon. Each individual plug can be turned on and off at the strip, or controlled via smartphone. you can manually control it with the buttons in the app, schedule it as indepth of a schedule as you want, or set up routines...for example, at sunrise i have one lamp turn on over my gator enclosure. when the sun is totally up, i have the rest come on. at dusk, one off, then the rest off. Gone are the days of laying in bed wondering if i turned off the lights on certain tanks. You can also set it up with a smart home device, like google home. Which would be handy for you..."Okay google, feed the fish."


Fire Eel
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Jun 7, 2019
Southeast, Texas
Wifi Fish Feeder Update:
I installed the feeder. First test it put out a little more food that I normally do. The fish ate all the food, but it is a floating 1mm pellet food (I bought to go with this feeder) and the fish tended to float up. Just the hogs, LOL.
I was at work and called my wife and told her to walk over to the tank, because I was going to feed the fish.
I was over 50 miles away at work and when I touch the feed button on my phone it fed my fish.
The wife said I am loving my toy too much.
I set it to feed abut a third of what I normally feed them, so I can sit in my chair with my dog and feed them three times.
Next will be to automate my wave makers.
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