Your favorite lures


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Nov 11, 2021
Fishing for Largemouth Bass here in FL the Zoom Horny Toad is a great lure. I dip the tails in the chartreuse dip. This lure has accounted for some really big bass. The beauty of this soft plastic is that it can be fished multiple ways. Crawled slowly across the top for topwater explosive bites, buzzed along surface at faster retrieve and allowed to sink around docks, lily pads and other structure. When it sinks it tends to swim/glide away from the caster and under structure looking like it is trying to hide. Great lure.


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Dec 4, 2017
I am bougie with my fishing lures. I have:
Savage gear 4D trout (6") in dark trout
Savage gear 3D baitfish (3") in hitch
Savage gear 3D RTF pulse tail sunfish (3") in tilapia
Mike Bucca baby bull shad in rainbow trout
Lucky craft silent squarebill in magma peacock (50)
6th sense crush squarebill in 4k craw (50)
13 fishing jabber jaw hybrid squarebill in old gregg
Megabass vision 110 jr in wagin hasu
Greenfish tackle hammerhead buzz in black (with black blade, i think either 1/4 or 3/8 oz)
Megabass pop max in black orochi
6th sense speed wake in american shad
A random grass jig I made myself, bluegill colored sortof with savage gear 4D craws in magic craw as a trailer
Spro bronzeye 65 in white black
Spro bronzeye pop 60 in misty shad
I also have the tacklewarehouse exclusive green pumpkin watermelon fat keitechs in I think 2.8"?
About to get that blue jawbone rat from dick's, another 6th sense crush in bluegilla, and the chasebaits smuggler in budgie. Maybe the livetarget mouse as well.
I also keep a pack of hotdogs, size 8/10/12 baitholder hooks, some weird small unconventional EWGs, split shots, darter jig heads, and a bunch of other random equipment in my tackle box.


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Mar 18, 2009
delmar md
How can you have a favorite lure? It changes depending on species sought after and the water and weather conditions. I would have to say that my rabbit puff fly is the closest I can come to a favorite, as I've used it for so many species and environments from saltwater to fresh. I tie them in white, chartreuse, black, rusty orange, yellow and yellow/white combos. I've caught a lot of different species on it, from shad to bluefish to bluegills. It's not my go to lure though, it's not appropriate for large fish most of the time. It did account for a 40lb carp one day. On my 2w fly rod in my kayak. Yes, I got towed all over the place. I've a picture of that somewhere, I'll see if I can find it.
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Mar 29, 2019
Manitoba, Canada
How can you have a favorite lure?
Seriously? If you do much fishing, how can you not have a favourite? Sure, the best choice for any given day and/or species will vary, but there will always be some type of lure that you just enjoy using more than most others.

A perfect day fishing is one when the conditions are ideal for you to use that favourite type of lure. :)

I love surface poppers; anybody remember the old Arbogast Hula Popper? That was one of my favourites for a long time. Helin Flatfish was another. Grandma crankbait was/is a fave for Muskies in particular.

All around favourite would probably be the original Slug-go and Fin-S Fish, both rigged weightless and twitched slowly. Terrific for bass when fished as a primary lure when conditions allow, and equally good when set up on a "follow-up" outfit, to be used when you (or better yet, your buddy!) miss a strike on some other lure. Drop that rod, grab the follow-up and snap the finesse bait right back to the same spot. Pow! :)

Happiness is setting the hook on a bass that your buddy just missed, while he is still reeling frantically in an effort to cast again...:)
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