1. F

    For Sale  Jardini Arowana - Orange Spot 15 inch

    Hello Monsterkeepers, sadly I have to remove my well cared for Jardini. I've had him for about two years now raised from 4 inches. Super healthy and only fresh food for diet, worms, mealworms, shrimp, mussels and silversides. I don't believe in processed pellet food. He is quiet aggressive now...
  2. StateCichlidInspector

    Need help

    So I bought some Cichlids for my tank I have 4 unknown species I'm pretty sure I have an idea on a few of them ones an Albino Socolofi Cichlid ones a Red Zebra Cichlid and then another is blue and the last one looks like a Auratus Cichlid. Basically I want them to breed I really don't know much...
  3. Cichlids keeper

    Show me your older Cichlids!

    I am interested in the affects of aging on Cichlids. If you have a Cichlid that is about about 3/4 through its lifespan please show me. This also includes hybrids and African Cichlids but there is no section for Cichlids in general so I posted it here.
  4. Jacob._.merc

    Paratilapia polleni sickness

    Hey guys, I finally had the opportunity to pick up a paratilapia two days ago. I only payed 8 dollars probably because he has some kind of disease. I don't know what it is. I thought maybe columnarus but he's been alive for a while and I know that it is a quick killer. I'd love to keep this guy...
  5. C

    For Sale  Two Venustus giraffe African cichlids...

    Two Venustus about 8" or so. Healthy. Located in Elgin for pickup. Price is for both.
  6. A

    For Sale  Moving Sale - Datnoids, Archers, African Cichlids, Tanks, Supplies - 90638 - $70

    La Mirada, CA 90638. I'm moving and selling everything. All fish only eat sinking pellets. Shoot me your offer, you just never know. Text for questions or other details 626484587eight 4 bar symmetrical white base IT and smaller NTT is already accounted for. $400 - 13" Dirty 3 bar IT. It was...
  7. AquaScape

    New African Oddballs Arrivals! 10/14/19

    New arrivals from Africa are here!! -Goliath Tigerfish (Hydrocynus Goliath) 3" $200.oo Ea. 5" $250.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus sp. 'Big Eye') 3" $175.oo Ea 5" $225.oo Ea. -African Tigerfish (Hydrocynus vittatus) 5" $225.oo Ea. -Electric Catfish (Malapterurus electricus) 5"-6" $65.oo...
  8. C

    Mixing cichlids!?!?

    Has anyone had success with mixing Central/South American and African cichlids? I know many are purist and only have fish from the same regions and some same exact lakes...BUT if water parameters are ok and feeding is fine has anyone done this successfully?
  9. vinnie coyle

    Male Kenyi African Cichlid Juvenile has killed my entire tank.

    Hey, Have been hovering around the MFK forums now for some time, and want to thank you all, as I have learnt so much... I want to add some details about my first fish tank setup and experience. A bit about my fish keeping story so far... So in Jan this year, I got my self a second hand 260...
  10. S

    Sexing a Jaguar cichlid

    7 3/4 inches as of two weeks ago. I can’t tell the sex by venting, can anyone help????
  11. M

    Do African and South american cichlids can cross breed?

    If the answer is no, please explain why not. Thanks!
  12. AquaScape

    Follow Us!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know we'll be doing some special promotions only available on our Instagram and Snapchat, along with Holiday deals! Just follow us and wait for some savings! Instagram: Aquascapeonline_ Snapchat: Aquascapeonline
  13. L

    Help with Cichlid Types

    Hey everybody, I'm sure all Cichlid owners have the odd fish they wish they knew the type of! Please post good pictures of known and unknown Cichlid breeds and let's see if we can all help each other out!
  14. The Dave

    An amazing video about the Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

    The Kribensis (Pelvicachromis pulcher) is probably the easiest cichlid to maintain and breed. In fact, due to their small size ( 3-4 inches / 7.6 - 10 cm ), hardy, adaptable nature, and ease of breeding, this fish is probably the ideal cichlid for anyone that is taking their first steps into...
  15. mattybecks

    Livingstonii or compressips ?

    Hi guys, title pretty much says it. I have a school of 6 livingstonii and 7 compressips. As they get larger I would like to keep either one or the other type and breed them. Both are spawning now. But I think the tank will be to small in the long run for everyone. Who would you choose? I...
  16. Ankit Naidu

    Livingstonii or polystigma!?

    I'm confused can you guys please help me!
  17. Ankit Naidu

    Which mbuna is this?

    i got this from my lfs. He said it's a butterfly mbuna but I didn't find anything about them online! Can u guys please help me ID this!
  18. M

    Time to Max Size in Africans (mostly)

    Hello! I was curious if anyone could shed some light on the following... Typical time to reach max size for blue dolphin cichlid? Typical time to reach max size for yellow lab? Typical time to reach full size for red top zebra? Typical time to reach full size for red empress? Typical time...
  19. M

    New fish suggestions?

    We are looking for a new fish or two that is highly colorful. We have an 110 gallon tank with a bunch of caves. We already have a dragon blood peacock, 3 yellow labs, 1 red top zebra, 3 blue dolphin cichlids, a red empress, a Raphael cat, and a bristlenose pleco. We halfway expect the red...
  20. mattybecks

    Stunted Growth

    Hello all I have a 500L 5ft tank currently housing 9 Nimbocromis (2Venustus & 7Livingstonii) and 7 Dimidiochromis compressiceps. How long does it take these guys to reach full size? I ask as I got these guys from a fish store when they were about 8-9cm and some of them had concave hollow...