For Sale  Amphilophus Labiatus

    Amphilophus Labiatus Isle Zapaterra fry 2.5-3 inch available off CHICKEN-ON-A-CHAIN proven to produce some of the biggest lipped devils seen or owned in the hobby. Everybody who has acquired these is 💯%satisfied Father is last years champion red devil or monster fish at the 2019 keystone Clash.
  2. R

    For Sale  5" Bare Midas

    (2) 5" Bare Midas for sale. $30 each.
  3. bbradtmiller

    For Trade  For Sale or For Trade Amphilophus

    I am looking at changing around my tank from Amphs to Viejas. Looking to sell close to all of my Amphilophus from the video below. The Biggest Male is a Midas from COA, the list if below. Let me know what you have to offer as a trade, could also sell for Cash if you dont have anything to...
  4. Jexnell

    Free Amphilophus Sagittae fry 1/2in

    Downsizing number of tanks till I move to a house so I need to rehome my 4th batch of Saggitae fry. Take as few or all if you want FREE! There is also a 1in fry from the first batch of fry available. Local pick up only
  5. CrimsonFog

    Chanchos and Midas with fancy plecos (larger)

    Anyone have experiences with their chanchos, midas or other amphilophus successfully co-habitate with larger fancy plecos? What I mean by larger, I mean ones that cannot be swallowed whole by the amphs. Any feedback would greatly appreciated :grinyes:
  6. HybridFinatic

    Best temp for Central America cichlids?

    Now I know a lot of different people who like to keep their tanks at different temps for different reasons. I have heard of people keeping them at 68 degrees in the winter to act as it would in the wild. Most people seem to keep their tanks at 75-80 degrees. A amphilophus keeper on YouTube said...
  7. HybridFinatic

    Hardiest Central American cichlid?

    From your experience, what is the hardiest medium-large Central American cichlid you know of or have kept? I’m talking rock solid. A fish Resilient to diseases compared to others. A fish that is stronger than the others.
  8. V

    Amphilophus Lyonsi

    I recently picked up some 1” lyonsi and having difficulty getting them to eat. I was wondering from those who have or have had them, what they use? I know they feed on plant seeds, plants and insects in the wild, any foods that replicates that? I currently use New Life Spectrum, Southern...

    Amphilophus Labiatus sp.Zapatera Isle

    1 inch 4 weeks old Red Devil galore gonne have to feed some of them to the Umbee
  10. Jeremy Anderson

    Adopting this juvie Midevil cutiepants killer?

    I have never kept larger aggressive fish, actually pretty new to fishkeeping altogether. I seem to keep my rams and discus pretty happy and produced and raised some Apistogramma fry. I just do a lot of water changes, it’s basically my exercise program, haha. Seriously, though. The plan is to put...
  11. C

    Is this a true Hogaboomorum?

    Got this fish a couple years ago from a coworker who had it (along with an oscar and jack dempsey) dumped on him by a friend that moved away. He looks like a hoga but it just doesnt make sense that the guy (who had them all in a 20g) would have such an uncommon fish. Pics are all within weeks of...
  12. wiegand


    I decided to get back into cichlids after being cichlidless for a few years. I got this Devil on December 6th, 2016. It's housed in a 90gal by itself. I figured that I'd share some pics as the time passes. More pics (spanned between December 9th & 10th)
  13. Tyler_Wentworth_150

    Share your amphilophus pictures!

    I just want to see as many amphilophus pics as possible... and GO! Bruce M.J.
  14. Twonvito

    Red sided Barred midas

    Good evening Mfk, I just wanted to share my F1 'red side barred' midas from population collected at Siquirres, Costa Rica. She is now 4.5 - 5". I believe my male honduran red point helped her kill my male.
  15. RampageRR

    FS | Festae fry - entire group for sale | $60 | Martinsburg, WV 25401 | Pickup

    Looking to sell my group of approximately 30-35 festae fry (1/4-1/2 an inch or so, a little over a month old). My pair just spawned again, and I'm afraid they're going to clean their first batch out before the new one hatches if my experience with other cichlids holds true. I'm in Martinsburg...
  16. Twonvito

    Picked up two Red Devils (Amphilophus labiatus) from Monster Aquarium inc.

    I picked up two Red Devils from Monster Aquarium Inc. For the 4th of July sale. Buy 1 get 1. Amazing!!! Not aggressive as my other, but kinda skittish.
  17. Twonvito

    amphilophus barred red sided citrinellus dead

    I recently purchase a few fish from Jeff rapps to re stock my 125 gallon. I aquire 1 male and 1 female red sided barred midas at 3-3.5" and 3 parachromis friedrichsthalii unseeded at 1.25- 1.5". Because of the Freddie size I put them in a smaller tank. But I had the 2 midas and two honduran red...
  18. Twonvito

    Sad Day in the 125 grow out tank.

    I woke up to half my tank dead. 1 Parachromis friedrichsthalii 2 Amphilophus Lyonsi 1 Amphilophus Labiatus 1 Amphilophus sagittae I had did a water change 9 days and Added API Quick start yesterday because i didnt have any solution. I followed the instructions to a T. It ended in a massacre.
  19. Twonvito

    King Bob ( Amphilophus Trimaculatus )

    I wanted to share with the Monster Fish Keeper world my Stud. #KingBob
  20. Tyler_Wentworth_150

    Amphilophus ID

    Pretty sure this guy is a zaliosus, or Arrow cichlid. Pictures will be less than helpful, so I'll write a manual description of why I think it's a Zaliosus. Pointed beak, half red eyes, long dorsal streamer, vertical dark stripes with wider areas in the midline. Light brownish gold base color...