1. D

    30 gallon fish tank & stand. $120 OBO picked up SFV

    Fish tank & stand for sale. Fish tank is approximately 30 gallons. Dimensions are 20” x 20” x 20”. The stand is 32” high 22” wide 22” long. Includes everything in the pictures (lid, some filtration items). No leaks! Tested it and left the water sitting. Needs some cleaning. Slight wood warping...
  2. Mr geophagus

    55 gallon for sale in Virginia beach

    I have an old 55 gallon I’m looking to sell. It’s a bit dirty, but with a the azor scraper you could get it as good as new. I’m hoping for $50 for it.
  3. D

    30 gallon square fish tank with stand

    Hi, I have a fish tank with stand for sale. The tank itself is approximately 30 galling. Dimensions are 20” x 20” x 20”. The stand is 32” high 22” wide 22” long. Includes everything in the pictures (lid, some filtration items). Does not leak. Tested it and left the water sitting. Needs some...
  4. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Trying out this aquarium photography thing

    Going to be exploring something different and trying aquarium photography, these pictures are of some of the fish in my 125. Let me know what y’all think
  5. P

    FS | Pine Wood Canopy | $15 | Chatsworth, CA | Pickup

    What type of listing is this?: FS What are you trying to sell/buy/trade?: Pine Wood Canopy What are your prices?: 15 Where are you located?: Chatsworth, CA Pickup or Able to Ship?: Pickup Description: Pine Wood Canopy. Has two fan holes on the sides of the canopy. It is for 100 gallons size...
  6. PGJE

    cool fish for 50 gallon tank

    Anyone have ideas for friendly community fish to put in a 50 gallon tank (preferably coral reef)? Some of you are going to hate me for this but I don't like clownfish that much because they are soo common and i'm going for a larger variety of fish. Thank you!
  7. PGJE

    evolution of the 23 gallon tank

    I was looking through my photos and found a lot of old pictures of my little 23 gallon tank. Ive made a lot of changes and just wanted to show you how it has changed over time! When I first got it, it was for my annoying, very shy texas cichlid:
  8. PGJE

    Does this look good??

    I think one of my favorite things in the entire ocean is a kelp forest, and I finally found some incredibly realistic rubber kelp at my LFS. I also kind of want coral, so i was thinking a mixture? have kelp surrounding a small reef? The stocking is not going to match that of kelp of course...
  9. PGJE

    realistic wave maker?

    I'm a noob and I've never tried saltwater but honestly I am more intrigued by it than anything else, and I just wondered if there was any kind of wave maker that made more natural waves, (Moving slower with pauses in between) kind of what you see underwater with the fish slowly drifting back and...
  10. ygwilliam

    Fish breeding rack

    So I’ve decided I want to start breeding fish for some profit so that I can make some money back from the hobby. I’m going to breed dwarf cichlids and I’m going to use a racking system all connected to one sump. In total the system without the sump is about 220 gallons. Would a 55 gallon sump be...
  11. K

    aquarium bridge

    Anyone makes or sell aquarium bridge. I wanna connect to tanks together and as a tunnel so the fish can go to the next tank too
  12. CrazyKoiCracker

    Bichir - How Low is Too Low?

    Good afternoon! (Or morning, or night) First post here. Quick back ground, most of my experience is with koi and goldfish. Between the ponds I own and the neighborhood ponds that I help maintain and advise, I’ve been taking care of about ten koi ranging from 23” to 34”, and more goldfish...
  13. pancakes

    FS | 55g & 75g Acrylic/Glass Tanks | I.E.| 92880

    Sup MFK! Got some extra tanks up for grabs. Tanks and stands will be emptied, cleaned, and wiped down before handoff. ====================== [Garage Acrylic tanks] ====================== 55g Clear for life w/o lids. Needs some polishing. Measures 48x13x20 (blue back and sides) (top left & right...
  14. amazontank

    5' Acrylic Aquarium on 6' Stand

    I was hoping someone could help me can I put a 5' aquarium on a 6' stand without any worries? Should I place a 6' piece of plywood ontop to support the whole tank? I have a 110 gallon 5'X18"X24" Acrylic fish tank and found a nice stand that is 6'X18" supposedly made of Oak but even if it was...
  15. pancakes

    Freshwater Stock | SoCal | 92880

    Going different direction. All eyeballed... 1-400 Odessa (1-2” & 1-300 filaments) 100 20-25 RummyNose Tetras 30 3 LG (6-9”) male & 1 F Tapajos 200 20-25 (2-4”)F1 Tapajos 125 Discus (5-6”) take all 500 or 100ea F (Confirmed) Altum F F1 (Confirmed/Proven) Alenquer x2 Unsexed San Merah x2 M...
  16. PGJE

    dream tanks

    i don't know if anyone has posted any of these before (couldn't find any), but if you could have an aquarium (any size as long as it's not unheard of), what would you do with it??? I would get a kelp forest and put grouper, Giribaldi, and other large Californian fish in it! (sorry if someone...
  17. yzf450motoxrider

    Fiberglassing Plywood best/ easiest method?

    I'm curious how come most here seem to use the woven mat and epoxy resin instead of chop strand and polyester resin? The polyester is cheaper and the mat comes in 50 inch wide rolls. Also you don't have to sand between coats.
  18. pancakes

    FS/FT: Penn Plax Canister Filter 1000 | 40 | 92880

    Cascade 1000 with another sun sun canister filter with new uv bulb I bought to replace the old one. Both full media. 40 or trade for a 8 out 10 ac110. PM for faster response.
  19. PGJE

    any suggestions for community tank fish?

    I'm going to upgrade my turtles tank soon and free up my 50 gallon, so i was planning to move my angelfish, dwarf gourami, cory's and danios into it. i'm then going to add 2 more angelfish. If thats not fully stocked already, are there any other types of small fish that would be good in a 50...
  20. CristianV

    Pick Your Winner

    A continuation of my previous thread “Fantasy Fish Battle”. I’ve accumulated who my top dogs would be so I’m letting you guys pick the champ! If choice isn’t listed, post who you’d pick. Explainations of your pick would be appreciated, thanks guys! (No snakeheads as they are illegal in America)