1. V

    Want to Buy  75 gallon to 100 gal full fish tank set up with stand.

    Looking to buy full set up with stand. Pm me pics. Good condition with no leaks. Located in los Angeles.
  2. Benthebassmaster

    Fish identification

    What is this fish called. I saw it in a YouTube video and I asked the person who made the video if he new what fish it is and he said no. So does anyone know what this fish is called
  3. Benthebassmaster

    300 gallon saltwater aquarium

    I am thinking about someday getting a 300 gallon aquarium. I am thinking about getting a Nigerian triggerfish, Picasso triggerfish, blue line grouper, a smaller species of lion fish, and a snowflake eel. Somebody tell me if this is to much fish. I’m not really a saltwater tank person but this...
  4. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  210 Gallon Tank

    Selling my 210 gallon tank, has overflows. Located in Concord NH area, pick up only. $850 obo
  5. Benthebassmaster

    Ph problem

    My 55 gallon angelfish aquarium is at 8.2 in ph and I want to fix that. The reason that it isn’t fixed already is because I look at the reviews on proper ph solutions and some people think the products are bad and some think it’s good. What would be product that could lower the ph without...
  6. Benthebassmaster

    Wild type betta breeding

    How to breed betta albimarginata. Also could you breed them in a 10 gallon tank
  7. M

    FREE  Free 55 gal glass aquarium w/ stand

    I left a 55 gallon glass aquarium at a friend's house when I moved. Now they need it gone and I'm unable to pick it up due to covid, so I've decided to give it for free to a fellow hobbyist—otherwise my friend will take it to the dump. The tank holds water and the stand is solid wood. Text me...
  8. Benthebassmaster

    How much fish In a 125 gallon tank

    Can a gt, jd, Oscar and a Bichir be in a 125 gallon tank. Also if their is anymore fish to keep with it what would it be
  9. Benthebassmaster

    Smallmouth bass tank size

    I know a large mouth bass needs at least like a 8 ft tank but does a smallmouth need that much room. I was wondering if it could be in a 180 gallon tank
  10. Benthebassmaster

    New angelfish okay?

    I just got a few 2 angelfish last week... I kinda want more maybe. Do you think these that I have will be aggressive to others. They are small and it’s a 55 gallon tank
  11. Benthebassmaster

    Black skirt tetras with angelfish

    Do you think black skirt tetras would be fine with angelfish. I heard bad and good things happening. I have a 55 gallon tank I know angelfish will probably not mess with the black skirts but will the black skirts mess with the angelfish
  12. Benthebassmaster

    What is a schooling fish to keep with angelfish

    What is a schooling fish that won’t get to big and won’t fin nip an angelfish
  13. Benthebassmaster

    Flowerhorn tank size

    Palmer aquatics from YouTube said a Flowerhorn could be in a 50 gallon tank. Do you think this is a proper tank size
  14. Benthebassmaster

    Kelberi peacock bass minimum tank size

    What would you think is a minimum tank size for a kelberi peacock bass. I usually hear 180 gallons
  15. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  Aquariums For Sale (2.5, 5, 6, 9, 10, 15, 20, 55, 110, 150)

    I've got a bunch of aquariums I'm ready to sell. Some of them are still waiting on fish to be sold and others are ready right now. Majority of them do not have lids and none of the decor/accessories are included in the prices below. If you are interested in everything seen in the tank, pm me for...
  16. getmethatgeoplease

    For Sale  55 Gallon Glass Aquarium

    Used 55 gallon with a black painted back
  17. gsemeraro8

    Want to Buy  90 Gallon tank!!!!

    Hey guys im looking for a 75-90 gallon tank preferably 90...i dont need anything with it just the tank PLEASEEEEE! thank you Gabriel
  18. K

    Acrylic tank failure

    If you are looking to buy a new acrylic tank do not purchase from aquarium and terrarium builder out of north carolina. I ordered a 8x3x2 and had it over built with 3/4” acrylic. After 11 Months the front seam seperated within a day and was spitting water. His tanks are simply not built...
  19. F

    For Sale  FS - 500 gallon acrylic tank/stand/sump - Pickup Only

    Hey everyone, I have a 500 gallon acrylic tank stand and sump available. It also includes plumbing which I had connected by couplings, so minimum plumbing is required. It has two ghost style overflows. It is in good condition, very few scratches. I was going to set it up as a show tank, but it...
  20. O

    For Sale  80 gallon full set up(tank/stand/canopy)

    48x25x15 tank Tank/ Fluval 107 canister filter 1 heater /1airstone Air Pump Light Looking to sale with the stand and canopy in second photo. Used four months Bought for 400$ asking 300 due to moving. Full set up, my loss , your gain.