1. F

    Idea on a 400 gallon tank.

    Hello All, I have built a 7X3X3 ft concrete tank outside my home. Please suggest the filtration system and fish stocking. Thanks
  2. Blakewater

    For Sale  100g Uniquarium W/ Stand, Wet/Dry, Live sand, Live Rock

    Selling my 100g Uniquarium set up. Listed with everything in the title and a 150g rated protein skimmer and heater for $300. Great for fresh or saltwater. Comes with everything you need including wet dry filter, a pump, 40-60lbs of love rock and 160lbs of live sand. Some scratches that come...
  3. ukgoffer

    For Sale  240 Wide from Glass Cages - 72"l x 24"h x 30"d with Oak Stand

    Excellent shape. Not drilled. Used for FW only. Over $2300 new plus shipping. Asking $1,050. Glass panels on top. Will include Eheim 2262 for $1200 firm (also listed separately). Stock is sold. I've got the lights and rack as well but will cost an additional $1500 - 3x Hydra 52 leds with...
  4. Blakewater

    For Sale  46G Acrylic Uniquarium W/ Stand Bay Area CA 94928

    Selling my 46g Uniquarium [aquarium with a built in wet dry on the back of the tank]. If there ever was a "plug an play" style aquarium, this is it. The internal filter makes setting it up as easy as throwing in some water and plugging it in. Dimensions are 36"x15"x19" and comes with the filter...
  5. J

    For Sale  300 Gallon Glass Aquarium(96"x24"x30") & Stand

    I'm moving, and having to sell the tank. The tank will be available for pick up in early April. The tank is has no cracks, chips or leaks. It is also currently running. Comes with stand, lights, and lids(some have chips on corners). Could include fx6 and/or fx4 if interested.
  6. F

    Gar and arowona

    The gar is a bit big like twice size of arowona will it be fine to keep them together or to seperate.the tank is 90 gallon and when they do get big I will replace them to bigger tank.
  7. T

    For Sale  350, 180, 105 custom aquariums for sale

    350 gallon complete setup: $2500 108x30x24 3/4 inch thick Dual overflow Black back acrylic 45 gallon sump Heater Pump Skimmer Artificial coral decorations Tank has some scratches harder to see when filled. Not a perfect tank but seams are in great shape. Normal wear and tear. 180 gallon...
  8. Black Tuna

    For Sale  240 gallon Visio Glass tank with stand

    I have a 240 gallon glass Visio tank with lids and home made stand i need to sell. I purchased the tank brand new about 2-3 years ago. Very good condition as there aren't many scratches. Some minor cleaning might be necessary. Ive kept it full so you can come by and check it out. Asking...
  9. V

    720 plywood aquarium build

    In the process of designing a 720 gallon plywood aquarium for some monster fish. Took this design off of "greenterra" so check out his thread if you get a chance. Tank will be built strictly out of 3/4" plywood for the sides and bracing. Each side will have a double layer of 3/4" ply so total...
  10. Blakewater

    For Sale  300G W/ Stand For Sale

    Selling my 300g acrylic aquarium with stand. 96x24x29. In good condition, some lighter scratches but if you want to buff them I have enough Novus for you to do it which Ill include. Also comes with an in tank powerhead, leveling pad, and stand. Set up with an exterior overflow. Located in 94928...
  11. S

    For Sale  375 glass aquarium for sale. Phoenix AZ

    375 8x30x30 glass tank that I never set up. Includes a brand new alpine eco twist pump that also has never been used. Local pick up only. I know it’s a stretch but maybe there’s a local that could get this baby set up. Had it 3 years and never got around to it. Figured I would offer it to...
  12. H

    32000 Litre Aquarium Thoughts

    Found this tank on eBay in the UK, £12000 for 32000 Litre “Commercial Fish Tank as seen at Angling and Dive Shows through out Europe” looks pretty impressive, just wondered your thoughts on it...
  13. Kevin2006

    For Sale  Pair clown loaches

    Clown loaches pair 5-6 inch
  14. A

    For Sale  280 gal Complete Set Up with Fish

    Sadly, I must downsize to a smaller aquarium. Tampa Bay Florida area. Buyer must pick up, cannot be shipped. Tampa Bay Florida Area. Buyer must pick up. Cannot be shipped. 280 gallon Aquarium, Stand, Filters, Equipment & Fish. Condition is very good. Filteration system only 3 years old...
  15. The-Almighty-Zugs

    How should I design my 240 Gallon Tank?

    Looking for internal tank design ideas. I'm getting a 240 gallon (96Lx24Wx24H) acrylic tank built soon and was looking for ideas what it could look like. It will be housing a Piraya Piranha (currently 10"). I can't use live plants as I'm spending enough already to get it setup. I really like...
  16. The-Almighty-Zugs

    240 Gallon in Apartment?

    Hey guys, so I'm having a 240 gallon acrylic aquarium built (96Lx24Wx24H) but will be moving into an apartment in a year or so. I am wondering, can I even put a 240 gallon in an apartment? Would I HAVE to be on ground floor? Could I live on 2nd or 3rd?
  17. Plec123

    For Sale  FS: north jersey/ NYC area, PU ONLY, 38 gallon aquarium & stand w/ heater, 24/7 led light, and fluval 306

    Asking $200 for everything, pick up only, located in Montclair, New Jersey. Included are: 38 gallon aquarium (36" x 12" x 20") Aquarium stand (36" x 12" footprint, center cabinet, two open side cabinets with glass shelves. 1.5" Abrasions on front corner from puppy chewing ~8 years ago) Finnex...
  18. Blakewater

    For Sale  240G Stand (8x2) For Sale! (Can Deliver)

    Selling an unused 96”x24”x29” tank stand In great shape. No wobbles or wiggles in it. Only selling because I’m moving and will build a new one to match the new home. Held over 2000lbs no problem. Can deliver depending on distance for a fee. Also willing to trade for heavier load building...
  19. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    Want to Buy  ISO 120 GALLON

    Looking to pick up a 120 gallon standard dimensions, let me know if you have one in the northeast
  20. -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

    For Sale  Geophagus tapajos

    I have two red tapajos that need a new home both are around 3 1/2 - 4 inches, and starting to show great color! Let me know if interested