arowana care

  1. H

    Arowana Shredded Fin

    Hi All, 1st post and looking for help here. I moved my arowana into a new tank which has been cycling for nearly a month before I added the aro in. After 2 weeks, I noticed his fins were shredded. For your info- the aro is alone in the tank. water parameters read as follow from API test kit...
  2. H

    My Silver Arowana is scared

    Hey Guys! My name is Humer and i just want a solution for my silver arowana. He is about 12 inches. The problem is everytime when i go near the tank or go to feed him he becomes scared and go sit at the bottom of the tank and sometimes he try to jump as well. It happens everytime and due to...
  3. Chandan

    Gap between scales but not protruding

    Fish seems to be healthy and is feeding well...but I'm worried as the gap between sacles is increasing so body might be exposed..but that's not protruding like dropsy? Please suggest me the cure.
  4. N

    African Arowana

    just got this little monster today . He’s a little camera shy... Any tips or helpful advice to keep him healthy and happy?
  5. Miks786

    Adding a second Silver Arowana

    Hey MFK ;) I currently have a 13 inch silver arowana in a 400 gallon tank and a mate of mine would like to get rid of a 17 inch silver arowana Would they be fine together in the same tank or would it just be a death threat? I have read that a few fights will happen but because of dominance...
  6. K

    Baby arowana hasn't eaten in over 8 days!

    My baby arowana (5 inch) hasn't eaten since I got him last Saturday (4/28). He ate a cricket at the pet store the day I got him and he hasn't eaten since then. I have the water in his aquarium at 78 F. He is in there with a 1.5 inch pacu, 2.5 or 3 inch Oscar, and a 4 or 5 inch clown knife. They...
  7. Addi_13

    What is the easiest and most successful way to pellet train RTG Arowana?

    Hello Guys, I bought a blue base 9" Super grade RTG on 22nd December 2017, I kept him in a 342 gallon community tank. Initially he was eating Dried shrimps but then his fin and tail got nipped pretty bad so I separated him. From last 1 month he is in a 50 gallon quarantine...
  8. L

    Help me identify this Arowana

    The Seller says its a asian green arowana but im thinking other wise pls help.
  9. Vikkram

    Silver Arowana in community Aquarium

    Dear Monsterfishkeepers, I have below fishes in my 240 gallon aquarium (96 inch length, 24 inch wide, 24 inch height) I am planning to move my 2 feet length Silver Arowana from my 75 gallon (4 feet tank) to my new 240 gallon. Can the Silver Arowana and my current fishes coexist and live...
  10. F

    Silver Arowanas are biting each other???

    Hi I finally got two Silver Arowanas, it's literally a dream come true. After perfectly acclimating them to their new tank, after around 10 min, I started noticing that they were occasionally calmly swimming up to each other and doing a swift motion where their mouth would kinda "bite" the other...
  11. T

    New Aro feeding

    Hey guys new to the monster fish keepers forums thanks for your time and patience. How long did it take for your new aros to start eating after you have brought it home from the store? Just got my hands on a jardini Aro about 7" and is currently swimmingly happily.
  12. Miks786

    2 Baby silver Arowana together?

    Hey guys I just wanted too know what are your thoughts on keeping 2 baby silver arowana together? Both will be the same size
  13. A-Train


    Hey everyone I've had clown knives before and I've owned several other monster fish not something that is odd and has me worried is I just added a Jardini arowana ( 4-5 inches ) to my 220 gallon tank with my Golden clown knife ( 10 inches ) and I noticed today my clown knife was being overly...
  14. V

    My 1 year old arowana hitting tank hard if lights are off please help ?

    My RTG arowana is not eating anything and is banging against glass walls please help
  15. Coco Afable

    My Jardini's tank ammonia reading. Safe or not?

    Hi guys, what are the numbers do you see on this reading? I'm seeing a number between 0 - 0.25ppm. What do you guys see? My nitrites is at 0ppm and nitrates between 10-20ppm. Iam not quite sure if misterhamster(Jardini) is doing alright, he seems to be staying in one corner of the tank when...
  16. V

    Can i keep male and female Arowanas in same tank

    Will they sex in tank ? if yes, what size tanks are recommended. my RTG is 1 year old, from what age arowanas reproduce ? can they be kept alone for their entire life ?
  17. chihuicahui

    Curvy Arowana

    Hi! We bought our baby arowana a month ago at about 4 inches. He is about 5 inches now. A while ago I noticed a strange curve in his spine and thought it was getting better. But it seems to have gotten worse or at least more noticeable. He is temporarily in a 130 gallon tank with about 15...
  18. Alligator head


    I read on the below link that arapaima rarely reach over 60 cm in captivity is it true!?
  19. Alligator head


    Is there any sign of dropsy?